Friday, March 19, 2010

Tyler's Wallet and Driver's License from 'Remember Me'

Direct from the set of Remember Me, this is Tyler Hawkins' (Robert Pattinson) hero brown leather with stitching on the outside, wallet with 'Tyler Keats Hawkins, New York State Drivers License' and 'MTA Card' inside. (approx. 4" x 3 1/2" folded) This is the wallet that Sgt. Craig rifles through during the fight scene!

Source via Robstenation and jittzpattzing


Unknown said...

I work at a prop house and I actually MADE this driver's license. People, it is a laminated laser print on card stock. 30 cents of materials, probably. And now it's being sold for $1500. Awesome.

Can I say how sad I am that Rob didn't keep this driver's license and treasure it always?

jamiecara said...

Looks like a mug shot haha. And since he's over 21 the numbers on top and the expiration date are supposed to be black, not red. I'm from New York so I remember the old licenses lol. Aw I miss the old licenses! And it's supposed to be a middle initial, not the whole middle name. Sorry I'm picking haha but other than that it could def pass for a real one!

behnaz said...


SoaneHonor said...

Is Tyler born in 1979???! He's supposed to turn 22 in the movie. In which time does this play? Not in 2001, I guess. This is really weird. Or did I just read it wrong.
It's cool we get to see his driver's license.

Unknown said...

These props are awesome! Well done Katie.

Jamie, if you look closely you'll see that the license was issued on his 20th birthday, so the fact that the numbers are in red would be correct. Correct me if I'm wrong, I don't know much about drivers licenses, New York or otherwise.

But yeah I couldn't pay that much for it.