Friday, March 26, 2010

"Everybody Scream For Robert Pattinson" OK! Magazine (UK) Scans

Remember Me Saturday UK


Bonnie Sonder said...

Just saw New Moon last night OnDemand. The white vampire make-up & contacts ruined the film and even though Rob Pattison is still totally gorgeous, instead of focusing on the story, all I could do was be critical of the makeup - on all the vampires.
You could see he was even wearing lipstick, makeup enhanced eyebrows BUT the haircut was great. New Moon's soundtrack had none of the emotion, moodiness, driving rock as Twilight. Instead it sounded like something out of a hokey old film.

Looking forward to seeing him in Remember Me, without the theatrical facepaint.

Samantha Jay said...

I totally agree with Bonnie on every point. The score really dissappointed me cause I fell in love with Carter's stuff in the other movie.

The more I listen the better it gets.