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NEW Interviews With Rob from German Magazines Translated

We posted the scans yesterday, but now thanks to Robsessed83 we have the translation of 3 interviews with Rob. Gala looks like a new interview, InTouch and IN Magazine just a few new quotes.


I want to be more than just cute...

'Twilight' Hottie Robert Pattinson on his career goals, flying fists and the dark side of fame

Only for a few seconds he looks into the interviewer's eyes before focusing on a random spot in the room, just to look back into her eyes shortly while tousling his hair. Robert Pattinson,23, is always in motion, he seems nervous, somehow shy. During the conversation, which takes place in Regency Hotel in New York, the teen star becomes calmer, maybe because this one time it's not about vampires.

I: In your new movie you are playing a student revolting against his superior father figure. Are you a rebel in your private life as well?
R: Not really. Maybe I'm just a little late to that party though and my rebel period is yet to come (grins)

I: Have you ever been part in a real fight at least, since that is supposed to be normal guys' behavior?
R: Not just once! As a teenager I maneuvered myself into delicate situations a lot and never realized it until the first hit got made. That was when it has always been too late.

I: So it was probably easy to shoot the fighting scene in the bginning of 'Remember Me' then?
R: Foremost it was frustrating. I hit the stuntman in the face four times. As hard as I could. And the guy just grins at me and tells me he doesn't feel anything.

I: You have two older sisters. Was it hard for you as a kid to stand up against them?
R: No. Lizzie and Victoria always supported me.

I: And what was the relationship with your father like? Did he demand a great deal of you like your father in the movie?
R: When I constantly received bad grades over a longer period of time he told me to drop out of school instead and look for a job. My dad has always been really cool which led me to talk back to him a lot. Maybe I WAS a little rebel after all...

I: You shot to fame pretty fast. Are you used to being a star now?
R: I think it's important to define yourself through your job instead of just being the teen star. Johnny Depp accomplished that. It takes a lot of discipline. And you need to be good at hiding too.

I: Hiding? But there's constant twittering your locations.
R: It just seems that way, I have some aces up my sleeve.

I: Your girlfriend Kristen is right in the spotlight too...
R: To be honest, that doesn't make a difference anymore. I'm always in the spotlight nowadays. I'm being told that this is part of it, pictures being taken all the time but I think that there should be boundaries.

I: Like what?
R: Everyone has a camera phone. If someone asks for a picture in a restaurant, that's alright, but I hate when people snap pictures without me knowing it. I'm not an animal in a zoo! (laughs)

I: What do you do to relax in your free time?
R: I enjoy reading and I'm a huge kindle fan, the device you can read ebooks with. One of the best inventions of all times. I just recently purchased a Dostojewski collection, for just $1. At that rate I will probably own 3 million books soon.

A/N from Robsessed83: OK, so the there's this issue with the word 'girlfriend'...the word they used in german could be translated as both, friend or girlfriend...IMO she meant it as girlfriend...not just wishful thinking, it really sounded that way, like she was referring to her as his partner...i mean why would she suddenly bring her up with no reference right?

Although the interview seems real, keep in mind that Gala could have rephrased the questions.

In Touch


#1 I used to be a really bad student, I never did my homework either. My school reports always said that I didn't put in enough effort.

#2 I had to gain weight for my role in 'Bel Ami'. The character used to live under really bad conditions and drink a lot for about six years, that's why I want to look battered.

#3 Sometimes I think I should give up acting. But then I would probably end up working in a shoe store and doing movies is just way cooler.

#4 At home in London I'm able to walk around without much attention and do normal stuff. If I'd known it would be that way I would have come back earlier.

I am so scared of failing

Robert Pattinson (23)
The heart-throb talked to InTouch about the dark sides of fame, hysteric fans and his tricks with flirting

Sexy, cool and a bit melancholic: That's how Robert Pattinson managed to turn the heads of millions of girls. However, with the help of his new movie 'Remember Me' (starts March 25th) he finally wants to escape the 'Twilight' drawer. He doesn't want his fans to remember him just as the hot bloodsucker. 'I think I'd rather be not remembered then. Just extinguished.', Robert explains.

Are you not happy about the success of the 'Twilight' Saga at all then?
Rob: I am. The fame does have it's dark sides too though. The fan hype got to a level you can't really control anymore. Apart from that, I'm just worried I won't get offered more serious roles anymore.

Well that was not the case for 'Remember Me', fortunately. Are you a player like your character in the movie?
Rob: No, not really, maybe sometimes, always depends on the girl. Most of the times it won't work like that if you go out with the plan of going home with a girl. I can't even remember the last time I asked a girl on a date. To be honest, I don't think I've ever done that. I'm just different. (laughs)

What would you do if a girl rejected you?
Rob: I would say: Do you have any idea how many girls would want to date me, you moron? (laughs)

Which wouldn't be that far from the truth. Aren't the girls like lined up to get to you?
Rob: Yea, it's really weird. All that made me become slightly paranoid already. If I cross the street I turn around permanently, just in case I get stalked by a horde of girls. (laughs)

What was the craziest thing that happened with fans?
Rob: I think shooting 'New Moon' in Italy was the most bizarre thing. 60% of the extras were fans who applied for the job. So we were in this little town full of 'Twilight' fans and I had to take my shirt off in fron tof them all. That was really bizarre.

What things changed with the success?
Rob: I became more insecure. It's not just that I'm scared of failing, I'm also so scared of not failing. Either way, it's just hard.

Your fashion style didn't change though.
Rob: I like the grungier style. Most of my clothes I get from resale stores, I hate normal stores. Most of the times I leave them in the clothes I went in with.



Born: on May 13th, 1986 in London/UK. His mother Clare used to work at a model agency, his father Richard sells cars. He has two older sisters.
Career: At the age of 15 he worked behind the scenes in a theater, When the main actor got sick he took over the lead. An agent in the audience discovered him. Famous worldwide for his role as 'Twilight' vampire Edward Cullen.
Private life: He writes songs. His first cd is supposed to be released 2011. Maybe we get to find out more about his love life then?

Robert Pattinson: I'm scared of rebuffs

By now we know that he can bite. Now he is being all human in a romance, without a happy end. In it, the 23-year-old wants to show his darker side

Are there even female fans that do not want to wake up next to the sexy hunk with the wild hair after they spent the night with him? We did not think so either. The most important question still remains unanswered: Are Robert Pattinson (23) and Kristen Stewart (19) an item or not?
'in' asked the shooting star:

IN: Do you sometimes wish for the times when no one knew who you were?
Rob: If I started doing that I'd go nuts. But I admit, this hype can be too much. While shooting 'Remember Me' I just had to turn around a corner and there were 40 papparazzis waiting for me. That happens all the time. The most bizarre situation was shooting 'New Moon' though. Most of the extras were fans and I had to take my shirt in front of them. I never experienced anything like that but I would never want to go back to my old life.

IN: Because that would mean you would not have met your girlfriend, Kristen Stewart?
Rob: Well, what to say to that? I'd rather not comment on that. (he is all smiles)

IN: What is it like to be in a bar or restaurant together? Do you have to use the rear exits?
Rob: Yes, all the time in LA. As long as I'm alone I'm able to live a normal life when I'm in London though. The only problem is that all the bars and restaurants in Soho I used to go to back then are closed by now.

IN: Does your fame make it harder or easier when it comes to meeting girls?
Rob: I gotta admit that I'm even more anxious than I used to be. Back then I was just scared of getting rejected. Now I'm also scared of not getting rejected. You never know where something like that will lead. Love is exhausting. In the 'Twilight' movies it's all about emotions but how can you be sure to love someone for the rest of your life?

IN: The relationship with Kristen Stewart did not provide more security and inner peace for you then?
Rob: I basically get that from my closest friends. When I was shooting in New York, a friend lived with me for a long time before my sister moved in. That way I gain back focus and security. Playing the guitar is good to calm myself. I just bought a new one recently. However, if I don't know what's going on or I'm losing control I get really stressed out.

IN: When do you lose control?
Rob: Whenever the whole hype around me gets out of control. I get really anxious as soon as there are screaming girls around me. But I think everyone would become paranoid then.

IN: Have you ever been fanatic over something yourself?
Rob: There was a time when I was obsessed with Van Morrison but never excessively. To me, the whole thing is really special because it all happened more accidentially. I got thrown into it if you like. One day there was this article in an Australian magazine about me being pregant, ME! What can you do about something like that?

IN: But the fame always has it's good sides too. Don't you enjoy the fact that lots of designers want to work with you?
Rob: At the premieres I always wear things by Marc Jacobs, I really like his style. Obviously, other stuff just doesn't fit me. In my private life I prefer crappy clothes, most of the time I get them from resale shops, just because I don't wanna be like the rest of the world, living after the latest fashion trends. Luxury is not my thing.

IN: So we will never get to see you at fashion shows then?
Rob: Hell no! That would be too embarassing, my friends would probably go like 'Hey, what are you doing? Have you lost your mind?'

IN: What do you spend your money on?
Rob: Preferably I don't spend it at all. I always worry that one day my career will be over. Looking more closely to it I should probably buy a house. I gave up my appartment in Soho because I'm never there anyway and that's just really exhausting. Last year I almost bought a house in The States but then didn't. When you finally find the right one it's just so damned expensive.

If you repost them please credit schnuffel1990 at Pattinsonlife for the scans and Robsessed83 for the translation.

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