Sunday, March 28, 2010

Picture of Rob today on the set of Bel Ami and updates from the set

ETA: More pictures

Source | | Bel Ami Film

All the info here is from Rob's Hungarian Site and translation by @adrienmrsan.

Pictures and updates from the set are kind of spoilerish - a few of them describe the scene that was filmed.

More set pictures here

- Rob's hair looks just like at BAFTA's.
- Set is all covered up there is almost nothing to see..
- Tom Sturridge on the set (in leather jacket, very handsome tall and relaxed)
- Rob was wearing a top hat on the set.
- Scene being filmed: Rob was walking next to a girl, across the street, passed by a carriage and kept on walking. Repeated it 4 times
- The guards did a very good job. It was impossible to get close to Rob. He was taking pictures after the scene probably with crew or cast.
- There were NO screaming girls, they were really appreciative of the fact that they were allowed so close to the set, so everyone kept quiet.
- From Rhea: Rob is a cuite, and was concentrating on his part. They tried to film the same scene MANY times which was great
- Rob is filming with Kristen Scott Thomas on the street.

ETA: From a few days ago - NOT in Budapest. - Source via Thinking Of Rob


Juliana Cavagnoli said...

thanks to share and I love this blog ^^

Ursula said...

Thanks for passing on the updates!

Cindygal said... the pics,I cant wait to see this movie!!

loony lovegood said...

thanks for posting the pic's, this movie's gonna kill me, it looks so good!!!

Jane said...

Rob's looks fit right into thei era of time. A handsome, dashing, devil.

meleny said...

thanks for the pics, I love how Rob looks like.

behnaz said...

where is tom??
i cant see
tnx for pics

Jenn said...

Thanks so much for letting us share your experience! I LOVE a good period drama, and Rob looks AMAZING in those clothes! I just knew he would, though. I am happy to see he doesn't look all vamp-skinny! YAY! Yep, I am excited!

Anonymous said...

Last photo of Rob& 2girls -
Bel Ami/Robert Pattinson filming location at Dorney Court 24th March
Pic by @fayezyfizz:
~ Just chatting to Robert pattinson :-) he's even more amazing in the flesh!!
~ i waited around for 4 hours hoping to get a pik of even just the back of him and ended up having a conversation with him & a pik!
~ just met him at work :-) he was filming
~ yeah dorney court i work there that's the only reason i knew he was there! LUCKY US!
I got reply form @NattyPonDeTrack:
~ OMFG My Mum Just Saw Rob Pattinson & Uma Thurman Filming Near Me I'm So Going Right Now :O Christina Ricci Is In This Movie Too :O
~ @RobLovePatts Yes He Was Filming For Bel Ami! He Was Dressed In Victorian Clothes :D It Was In Dorney Court :D
I sent email to and got: "Yes we had one day's filming of Bel Ami on the 24th"!