Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Rob Interview With 2DF (Germany) + Translation

Rough translation vy tiny_pixy at Pattinsonlife

- with every job he does he hopes to learn something out of it
- when you're in your 20's you think that all your emotions and everything you feel is fake but then you realize that they are real and everything starts to change
- especially young people have this need to break something or create chaos(i think he actually says "do something crazy", they translated it a little weird) but very few people act like that, although the world needs that energy.
- they ask him what kinda relationship he has to Kristen and apparently he says "I don't know anything about it", you can hear that he says something different.

Source via RobPattzNews | Youtube Source: TwilightBritneyFan

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Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure he says; "I don't know what's out."

I'm assuming he was asked a question worded along the lines of: 'What do you think about the rumours OUT about you and Kristen?' Something like that, and so he replied with that to deflect the question. Hope that helps.