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Cannes 2014 - Index Post

Preview of Rob's Interview With Le 1945

Click on the screencap to watch. Rob at 22:30

New The Rover UHQ Stills
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Friday, May 30, 2014

New Pictures of Rob - May 30 - New Photoshoot Coming

Michae Power, photo producer, posted a few new pictures of Rob today. Simon Emmett, one of his tags is an English photographer, and in the second picture, he tagged #esquire. So hopefully, a new photoshoot for Esquire Magazine soon :)

A pleasure working with true gentlemen. #robertpattison#simonemmett


Vampires in the sunshine #flowerave

Thank you @Drawde_C for the heads up :)

New Picture From 'The Rover'

New/Old Fan Picture of Rob

Fan Encounter

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

New Interview of Rob in Hello Magazine

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Do you like the pressure of Cannes?
Definitely. It’s a different energy and not like a normal premiere, where it’s just friends of the studio or whatever. There’s a very real chance people are going to be vocal about if they like it or not. It’s exciting. I think people are more interested and people talk about the movies afterwards – they’re not just going to the screening so they can go to the party afterwards; they actually want to see it.

In The Rover, your character Rey learns how to shoot. Are you comfortable using guns?
Not really, I’m not that big of a fan. I just think it’s weird people having guns, it’s kind of silly. [Laughs] I mean, I think people should just get rid of them altogether.

How do you feel about violence in films?
I’ve never really liked films that have reveled in violence. I just think it’s kind of gross. I don’t know – I don’t want to see somebody being tortured.

Rob In The Hollywood Reporter - New Interview & Photoshoot

Full transcript of the interview under the scans

ETA: Another new picture from the digital scans

iPad Scans (HQ)

You can check the Digital Scans here (smaller than the iPad scans)


Rob Featured in Les InRockuptibiles Cannes Behind The Scenes Video

Cute Rob at 0:54 and 2:21

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New Picture of Rob in "Les Inrockuptibles"


HQ Scan

English translation of the new interview with Robert Pattinson with Les Inrockuptibles

Robert Pattinson, actor in The Rover by David Michôd.

'You wouldn't know if Leos Carax is around, by any chance?', Robert Pattinson asks ingenuously (he's wearing a white shirt over a khaki tee shirt that's moth-eaten) when we mention Juliette Binoche and The Lovers on the Bridge, one of his favorite movies. We explain to him that Monsieur Merde's dad isn't a big fan of Cannes' society life, but it's possible to bump into him every morning at the coffee and croissant time in a bar in Paris' 20th district.
'Wow, seriously?', Rob seems ready as soon as we would let him to jump in a train towards Lyon's train station. A movie by Carax with Pattinson? Why not. Nothing seems forbidden for the British actor - who became famous with Twilight, and got the lifeblood suck out of him by the paparazzis during his relationship (and breakup) with Kristen Stewart - who's today courted by the most prestigious authors on the planet.

Just look at his schedule: Lawrence of Arabia for Werner Herzog (already filmed), and explorer for James Gray (next year), a gangster from Chicago in the 70s for Olivier Assayas and an undefined role in the next Harmony Korine... And of course, two movies this year at Cannes: in competition with David Cronenberg (but this time he's the one driving the limo) and a midnight screening in the great The Rover by the Australian David Michôd. 'Honestly, this is exactly what I was hoping for. I've been working like a madman for five years and that I've tried to form relationships with directors I admire.' The fulfilment of this battle plan seems flawless, indeed.

'Robert is an actor extremely malleable, very intelligent, pleasant and easy to direct', David Cronenberg confided to us. David Michôd, for his part, was impressed by his sense of initiative: 'He came to the rehearsals with a very specific idea of whom his character should be, it was impressive.' Not to mention his sense of fellowship and his singing at night in the middle of the desert, around a bonfire - he becomes weirdly shy when we ask him what kind of music he likes to play.
At the end of the interview, he finishes his bottle of water of 1L (the previous night was obviously well celebrated) and leaves towards new heavens.

(Café des Arts, 80 street Belleville, Paris 10th arrondissement, but quiet, we didn't tell you anything.)

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New Video of Rob Arriving in the Theater at The Rover Cannes Premiere

Rob at 2:17


Robert De Niro Joins Idol's Eye - Production Set To Start in October

From Deadline
The plot of director Olivier Assayas’ next pic is being kept under wraps, but it’s described as a sophisticated heist action-thriller. Robert De Niro has joined the cast of Idol’s Eye alongside Robert Pattinson. Benaroya Pictures has come aboard to finance the project, which is expected to start production in October in Chicago and Toronto. Charles Gillibert developed and produced Idol’s Eye with CG Cinema, Bluegrass Films’ Scott Stuber, Film 360’s Scott Lambert, Alexandra Milchan and Michael Benaroya. Ben Sachs is executive producing.

The Wrap, Variety, The Hollywood Reporter and The Playlist also reported this.

New Pictures of Rob at Katy Perry's Concert in London - May 27

Rob and David Michôd's Interview with At The Movies (Australia)

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'The Rover' LA Premiere On June 12 in Westwood

According to a comment and reply on The Regency Village and Bruin Theater Facebook page, they'll host the Los Angeles 'The Rover' Premiere on Thursday, June 12.

Mark on your callendar :)

ETA: The Regency Village and Bruin Theater just announced the premiere in it's Facebook page. Click on the link for details

The Rover Los Angeles Premiere

When: June 12, 2014 at 7:30PM PST
Location: The Regency Village and Bruin Theater


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Rob's Interview with My TF1 News



Hello, Robert.


You're here at the Cannes festival with 2 movies - The Rover and Maps to the Stars, and in The Rover you play this simple minded boy. What attracted you in this character?

The script was so different from everything I've done before. I don't know, there was something quite magical about role. I couldn't explain why but something in me resonated really early on.

Did you have to fight to get this role, because it's so different from Twilight and this image we have of you.

Yeah, I auditionned twice for that and I hate auditions so, so badly. It's something I'm really bad at but it was different this time, I really wanted that part. But it's so weird, I tried to play this part and the audition was at David Michôd's house, in L.A.. I was sitting in his living room and I didn't know if what I was doing was good for him or not. But, yeah, I fought really hard to get this part.

Do you feel like you still have to fight  still today, to show everyone you're not this guy from Twilight, that you can play something else?

Yeah, but I think every actor has to go through that so they don't have to play the same part every time. I kinda like that but sometimes it's so disproportionate, with people like wanting you to fail but I like it, it gives me the energy to go forward, like a rage.