Monday, May 19, 2014

Rob's Interview with Europe 1 (France)

Cannes - The actor pursue his growth by stepping aside from the blockbusers. In attendance at Cannes for two movies in competition, he confided to Europe 1. 
Portrait. Robert Pattinson is unrecognizable in his new roles. This year, the american (?) actor known for his role in the Twilight saga is at Cannes with two (?) movies in competition.
First, Maps to the Stars, the latest Cronenberg. In company with Julianna Moore, Robert Pattinson plays a limo driver whose dream is to become a scriptwriter. 
The actor is also in The Rover by David Michôd, in which he plays a hunted criminal. 
New direction. Robert Pattinson's career has taken a new direction for the past two years. The actor played a young billionaire in Cosmopolis, already directed by David Cronenberg. A collaboration that revealed him to art films' directors. 
"I'm open to everything". "I don't think I've really changed, I've just been lucky", the actor confides to Europe 1's mic. "It's unbelievable what's happening to me, it's completely crazy", the actor assures that he's not shutting himself down from big production movies, or to a sequel to the Twilight saga. "I'm open to everything but I'm too old now. That being said, if Tarantino directs it, I'd have to say yes!"

Jacques Audiard. "I don't chose the movies I make depending on money or affluence anymore and it makes me really happy," Robert Pattinson continues that he would love to work with Jacques Audiard. A new direction that doesn't keep teenagers from worshipping the actor. On Sunday, some waited for him for hours in front of his hotel where he was giving out interviews.

Source | Via @LeRpattzClub

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