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Rob's Interview With Metro News - Rob Talks The Rover, Maps To The Stars and Future Projects

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Robert, you're in Cannes to present not one but two films. Is this a coincidence ?
It's a nice surprise, although I admit that I really wanted The Rover in particular to be shown here. Actually, we missed all the other festivals in the hope to be here. We focused on Cannes because it'ss the most beautiful in the world. Particularly for a movie as different as ours.

Like Maps To The Stars. It's a film made outside the Hollywood system. Is this your way of showing where you want to take your career now that twilight is over?
What guides me is the desire to work with a director. I realized that if I worked with the best in the world, the bigger the chances I'll be happy with the result (laughs) and I'd have really satisfying work experiences. There are twenty filmmakers with whom I want to work and I just started. The next ones? This year, it will be Harmony Korine and Olivier Assayas. Then James Gray in January. We met, became friends but we waited until we found the right project.

If other young actors were in your place they would to try to land a role in a super hero movie, or at least a role in a big franchise. Did you think about it?
I've never auditioned for this kind of movie. And I'm not even sure I would know how to play a superhero. If I had my place in this world (he thinks). It doesn't mean that I wouldn't do a big studio film at some point. In fact, I watch so many of them. But I really struggle seeing myself in there, as an actor.

In The Rover, you play a simple-minded guy, that we don't know much about except that he is his brother's punching bag. How did you enter that mindset for the role?
On the first reading, I would heard his voice in my head. The voice of a guy who talks so low, you have to tell him to keep his mouth shut (laughs). So much so that every word that comes out of his mouth is a pain. It was a lot of fun even though when I watched the first cut, some of my dialogue was barely audible!

You are also on Maps to The Stars by David Cronenberg. Is the Hollywood portrayed in the movie as dark as the one you know?
I've always had a good time in Hollywood. To be honest, I like its dirty side as long as I don't spend a whole year there, that I don't become a caricature as we see in the film. To remain an observer: I can tell you that there are loads of weird people over there.

Do you come across them very often?
All the time! Actually, might be one now...

Don't tell me you sell your actor seats on the Internet like the young actors in the movie!
Ah if I could... (laughs) To be honest, everyone in Hollywood is a little bit crazy. The actors are in essence, if you consider that we're asked to play every human emotion, sometimes all in the same film. I assure you that you will have a hard time finding crazier people! (laughs)

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