Saturday, May 17, 2014

David Michôd Talks About Casting Rob "He’s a Great Actor And I Wouldn’t Have Cast Him Otherwise"

Yesterday we posted a GREAT David Michôd interview with The LA Times where he discussed The Rover and Rob (click here to read). Hera a couple more interviews where Michôd mentions Rob (you can read the full interviews clicking on the source))

How concerned were you about casting Robert Pattinson - an actor best known as the face of a teen franchise - in one of the two lead roles? Did his performance surprise you?

I loved the idea of it. I knew, even from my first meeting with him, before I even knew that The Rover was going to be my next film, that Rob had something far more interesting to offer than his work to date would suggest. And the prospect of giving a very recognisable performer the opportunity to do something right outside the parameters of people’s general expectations is exciting.

Rob didn’t exactly surprise me because I knew he could do what I was asking him to do - he’s a great actor and I wouldn’t have cast him otherwise. I’m pretty sure, however, that everyone else is going to be surprised by his performance because it’s about as far away from everything he’s done before as you can get.

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Every filmmaker dreams of getting a film into Cannes. Why do you think The Rover did?

Hopefully, it feels like a film they haven't seen before – it's tense and unusual – and because the central performances from Guy and Rob are really extraordinary.

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