Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Rob Talks About Hollywood's Reaction to 'Maps To The Stars'

The LA Times talked to the 'Maps To The Stars' cast & crew about Hollywood's reaction to the movie. Rob was surprised at some reactions.

In the end of the article, the LA Times mentions that 'Maps To The Stars' will screen at another festival, likely TIFF. Here are Rob's comments:


The Los Angeles-based trades Variety and the Hollywood Reporter, meanwhile, have given it tepid reviews, in part citing it as being "severely negative," while the foreign press has been more kind. The film's producer, Bruce Katz, says this is not a coincidence, wondering if it hit a little too close to home for Hollywood-oriented publications.

Pattinson, who after the "Twilight" series has been on his share of big Hollywood sets, said he was surprised at some of the naysayers.

"Are people saying it's mean?" he asked when told of some early reactions, adding, "The child actor part felt very real. Almost every set I've been on has had someone like that."

Asked about his experiences with some of the more narcissistic portrayals, he said, "Well, Hollywood attracts crazy people, and then you add a lot of money, so…" his voice trailing off.


"Maps" will screen again at a festival, likely in Toronto, before opening in the U.S. in the fall via the Canadian-based independent distributor eOne.

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