Saturday, August 31, 2013

New #DiorRob Gifs and Pictures (HQ)

From Dior's Twitter and Google+

New Gifs

New Pictures

Guy Pearce Talks About Rob on Mornings (Australia): "He's Incredible in This Film'

Start talking about Rob and 'The Rover' at 2:25 or watch at the source


Friday, August 30, 2013

More #DiorRob Pictures in Better Quality

The first picture was posted just a few hours ago as a scan from Elle Brazil here, now bigger and cropped differently.

The other were also posted before, but now in better quality.

Click for bigger

Rob in Elle Brazil - New Pictures and Interview

New Pictures

Full Scans

(thanks to Deb for the help :D)

Gifs and Screencaps from 'Dior Homme 'The Film' Official Teaser

You can watch the teaser in HD here


Dior Homme 'The Film' Official Teaser From Dior's Youtube Channel

Gifs and screencaps were posted HERE

From Dior's Official Youtube Channel

Discover on September 1st Dior Homme Fragrance film starring Robert Pattinson, directed by Romain Gavras.
Discover more exclusive contents on and on Twitter #DiorRob.

Video of Rob's Dior Homme Ad (LQ)

On Dailymotion - Or watch it at the source


#DiorRob Week Starts on Dior's Tumblr, Facebook and Dior Mag - New Gifs and Pictures + Old Pictures Now in Better Quality

ETA: We'll keep adding the new pictures that they post on tumblr, facebook, twitter and Dior Mag. If you see this post at the top, it's because it has been updated with a new picture.

Dior week started on Dior's tumblr and they're posting new & old pictures (but in better quality) gifs!

If you have a tumblr, make sure to reblog the #DiorRob pictures and gifs there :)

New Pictures

Rob in Elle France - New Pictures + Interview

Added the full translation under the scans

Translation thanks to @fofie_b

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Gifs and Screencaps of Rob's Interview to Elle France & Dior BTS Footage

Tons Gifs and over 600 screencaps of Rob's interview to Elle France and the behind the scenes footage in the video

You can watch the interview HERE


Dior Homme - Robert Pattinson Official Interview + New Dior BTS Footage

Tons of gifs and screencaps of the interview and BTS footage were posted here

ETA: Added Youtube Video from Dior's Youtube. I left the Elle France version (second video) because that one seems to be a little longer


You can also watch at Elle France's site here.

Thanks Laura for the heads up.

Rob's 20-Second Dior Homme Ad Playing at Sephora - Video and Fan Pictures

ETA: Moving the post to the top, because added video (source | dailymotion)

The Dior Homme stand at Sephora's at Champs Elysées is extra special because it has Dior Rob in motion! A 20-second video playing on the screen in the stand.

Here are some pictures of the video thanks to Pattinson Art Work


New Fan Picture of Rob - August 28th

At the Alt-J concert in LA

Source | thanks to Laisa :)

Rob in Gala (Germany) - New Dior Pictures and Interview

Added the full translation under the scans

New Pictures

Full scans

Translation thanks to @enamoramiento1

Rob in Le Figaro (France) - New Dior Pictures + Interview

Added the full translation under the scans

New Pictures + Old Picture in Better Quality
(the second picture looks like the one posted here, but it's new)

Full Scan

Translation thanks to @littleone_chloe

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Rob in InStyle UK - Dior Pictures and New Interview

ETA: Moving the post to the top - Added better quality scans and now you can finally read the second page of the interview.
ETA2: Added full transcript of the interview.
ETA3: Added HQ scans and HQ crops of the Dior pictures. Some were already posted as HQ, others not in this quality or size. I'm including all cropped pictures from the magazine.

Cropped pictures

Full HQ scans