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New Fan Picture of Rob in London - September 22nd

According to the source in the comments, the picture was taken last Tuesday, September 22nd.


New LIFE Still


New Rob and Dane DeHaan Interview with Associated Press

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Compilation of All The Latest Translated Interviews From LIFE Promo (6 Interviews)

Lots of great new interviews have been released this week and were translated by awesome fans that took their time to share them with us. We decided to make a compilation a post on the weekend with all the translated ones :)

Here it is. Enjoy all the new Rob interviews, from LIFE promo. The ones in this post are from Berlinale. There's an audio interview at the bottom of the post.

WIENER ZEITUNG: "Sometimes I wish I had a bigger ego." (Translation | Via)
Robert Pattinson -not unlike James Dean- became a star overnight. Subsequently he has difficulties to loose the shadow of the vampire and that is what we talked about.

Mr. Pattinson would you have played James Dean if you would have been offered the role?
I would never have accepted the role of James Dean. Especially because I do't even look like him. Dane DeHaan does, I would have made a fool out of myself.

In the movie you are not the one in the limelight, but you are on the other side of the carpet as the photographer of the beautiful and famous. That must have been unusual for you.
My character Dennis Stock isn't really made for the red carpet. there is a scene in the movie where it's visible how embarrassing it is for him to do those gossip pictures but he has no other choice because he needs the money. So he becomes part of the photographers that push and shove to get the perfect picture.

How do you deal with popularity? That is the key question for famous people, isn't it?
It is weird, because I never really knew what popularity means. Some people got to know me better in these past years and they know that the character that people cheer for doesn't really exist. It's different for a popstar, because their name is the main focus whereas an actor plays different characters all the time. It is weird when you are cheered on for something and that is not really you, but at the same time this popularity helps you because you are not really hyped up as a person, it's more the character you play.

The movie shows a star before he becomes a star, it's about the months before it really started. I talked to you for the first time in 2008 just after the first Twilight movie was finished and no one knew if the concept would add up. You were a star that wasn't a star yet and a few weeks later everything changed. How did you feel in that moment before the storm started?
There hasn't been another phase like that in my life. Everything fit back then: I think I had the right age for a hype like that. At 21 I was young enough, but not too young and I was able to have a youth. The year before Twilight came into the cinemas was a lot of fun. I experienced the good sides of fame and not really realizing what was happening around me. The very first touch with fame is amazing, some ridiculous things like getting into clubs for example. I got into clubs they threw me out of before (laughs).

Nevertheless you stayed pretty grounded. How did you manage to do that?
I don't know. I think I still have to prove a lot to myself in different aspects of my life. Sometimes I really wish I had a bigger ego. That would help me to take more out of this thing.

Someone like you should not have a problem with ego.
Of course I have an ego. A certain amount of it is necessary to even go in front of the camera, no? Apart from that I see myself as shy and as a control freak. It is weird, because you can't really say it like that. Whenever I work with seasoned directors they always ask me: "Why do you always say you don't know what you are doing? I can see that you are doing something." I always answer: "Yes, but I don't know how."

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New Rob Interview With The Irish Times

Once best known as the undead teen Edward in the Twilight series, Robert Pattinson is slowly but surely reinventing himself – from broody cutie-pie to go-to leading man.

Stormont may be in crisis and regional unemployment rates do not make for happy reading, but at least Northern Ireland can boast – albeit temporarily – one Robert Pattinson.

Last month, the former Twilight and Harry Potter star delighted two Co Down newlyweds when he agreed to join their wedding hooley. He also hit Cypress Avenue to mark Van Morrison’s 70th birthday, and has been deemed a most excellent sport when it comes to Belfast-based autograph and selfie hunters.

Even by Pattinson’s own account, the sun shines just a little more intently when he graces the northeast: “It’s been sunny every time I’ve been here,” marvels the heavily bearded young actor. “They tell me it rains. But I haven’t seen it.”

Pattinson has decamped to Ulster with a purpose. Following in the footsteps of Game of Thrones and the incoming Dad’s Army reboot, James Gray’s The Lost City of Z is the latest major production to shoot across various Northern Irish locations, including Methodist College, Strangford Lough and Craigavon House. Not that Pattinson has spent too much time in these stately locations. “I have mainly been on the boat that’s falling apart,” he laughs.

The Lost City of Z charts the exploits of the British explorer Percy Fawcett who, in 1925, disappeared in the Amazon while looking for an ancient lost city. In the subsequent years, as many as 100 explorers and scientists have gone missing while attempting to find evidence of Fawcett’s party.

Rob Supports The Global Goals in 'We The People' Video

Rob at 0:38

A new plan for people and planet has just launched - the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development. Tell everyone! Go here to add your very own intro to this star-studded video and share it with the world:

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Rob On The Cover Of NME Magazine - New Interview

Click to read. Thanks to Verena for the scans :)

New/Old Picture of Rob From 'The Childhood of a Leader' Set

Shared by Michael Epp on Facebook

‪#‎TBT‬ Despite the high quality of this pic while shooting "Childhood of a leader, Robert Pattinson still looks good, Tom Sweet is still a genius and I am still tall. ‪#‎Venicefilmfestival‬

Source via @Robjectify

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Life Clip With Rob and Dane Now With Original Audio

This clip was posted dubbed in German, now here with original audio


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New LIFE Clips (German Dubbed)

Watch in HD :)

No Rob in this last one

Thanks to Tania at for the clips :)

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New Rob Interview With Associated Press

I like that Rob is doing what he does to make himself happy. That’s what real life should be all about.

“The man relentlessly pursued by photographers is stepping into their shoes for his latest movie role.

British heartthrob Robert Pattinson plays photographer Dennis Stock in Anton Corbijn’s “Life” – which follows the relationship between Stock and a young James Dean (played by Dane Dehaan) who is on the brink of superstardom.

The 29-year-old Pattinson talked to The Associated Press about the transition from celebrity to photographer and the onset of fame after his roles in the blockbuster “Harry Potter” and “Twilight” film series. “Life” comes out on Friday in the United Kingdom and Dec. 4 in the U.S.

Q: “You spend your life in front of the camera, how was it to be behind the camera?”

PATTINSON: “It is interesting to feel the power trip, especially when I was shooting the scene on the red carpet, when you are part of the massive throng of people, and not only are you part of the crowd and hidden but you have something you can hide your own face (with). You just see all the pressure is on someone else. It is kind of nice, you feel all secure in your little pack. It is very different.”

Q: “Did it spark an interest in photography? Are you now a budding photographer or were you interested in photography before the film?”

PATTINSON: “I wasn’t really interested in photography before. And then I started shooting on the same Leica that Dennis Stock had, I think it’s the same one I’m using in the movie. I took about 20 rolls of film, and then got them all developed, and I was really into it before I saw the photos. I really thought that when someone tells you the fundamentals you think that it’s all going to come out and be amazing. When they’re not you like ‘I don’t understand why aren’t they like genius photos?’ I kind of lost interest afterwards.”

Q: “What is interesting is Dean’s journey … he is on the brink of fame and he is considering the impact that fame is going to have on his life. Was there a moment like that with you?”

PATTINSON: “No. I guess Dean had, in the movie anyway, a very strong idea of how he wanted to be and what he felt it was going to be. Whereas I didn’t have any idea like what was going on at all. The first period of getting famous was incredibly strange to me and really fun at the beginning because you didn’t realise the consequences of anything. You could say or do whatever you wanted and it just didn’t matter. I only really realised what being famous was about three years after I got famous, four years afterwards.”

Q: “When you are choosing your roles, do you consider your fan base?

PATTINSON: “I don’t think about it at all. I will go through periods where I will think ‘Oh maybe I should do a commercial movie’ and then I just think, someone gave me a really great piece of advice, someone from my agency weirdly, they said the only clients that are happy are the ones that just do what they want to do. … So I just kind of do everything for myself.”

Q: “If you could hang out with Dean for a day, what would you do?”

PATTINSON: “I would take a bunch of photos of him because then you would have a whole career, sell a bunch and license them out afterwards. I don’t know, he’s just a 23-year-old guy. He would probably be really annoying.””


New Rob Interview with The Times UK

Click to read, really good interview.

Scans | Via

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Rob's Interview with Teleschau - Translation

Although the Twilight movies, that made him into a superstar, ended a while ago, the Londoner, Robert Pattinson is still one of the hottest British exports in Hollywood. In a smart move he, who played the vampire Edward, also did more sophisticated movies like Remember Me or Water For Elephants. Now in Anton Corbijn's LIFE he plays one of the lead roles. The movie tells the story of the relationship between James Dean and Dennis Stock. At the end of those intense days were the legendary LIFE pictures that contributed to James Dean's status of an icon. In the interview Robert Pattinson reflects on photographers and how he deals with the hype around him, with a strong cup of coffee filled with huge amounts of honey...

A strange mix you are drinking there....
I really like it! The spoon has to stand upright in the cup, then it's just right. Until earlier I thought drinking coffee with honey is healthier and then someone told me that honey is as harmful as white sugar and you also kill bees with it. Now I have a guilty conscience. Cheers!

You are often photographed by other people in your private life. Did you switch sides for your role in LIFE?
Dennis Stock hated being called a paparazzi. For him what he did was art and he worked very hard for it to be seen as art. For me he was a man that wanted to break through with his art and that art was photography. It was only during the shoot that I realized this was a movie about a photographer for Anton Corbijn, because he is a photographer himself.

Today it would be impossible to just walk up to a movie star like Stock did and ask him if he wants to be photographed...
Nobody asks you anymore, people just pull out their phones. In all seriousness though: back then you had to be a total pro in order to get good pictures and then you had to work to get them printed and distributed. The general atmosphere was very different back then: the people worshiped film stars and wanted to celebrate them. They loved looking at nice pictures in magazines. Today there is such an over-saturation of pictures and because of that the pictures have to become more and more extreme in order for people to look at them. A beautiful picture of a celebrity doesn't do it anymore, one has at least look drunk in it.

How do you deal with that?
It's still stressful for me, but it also depends on the overall mood. If you are in a good mood you don't really mind, but if you are in a bad mood it affects you more than it should. You run the risk of circling around yourself. You start to think, "How will I look in the next picture?", even when no one is taking a picture. It drives you crazy sometimes. Fortunately it has gotten a lot calmer for me.

That might be because of your beard...
Definitely (laughs) as a disguise it works well. I sat next to a hockey team on a flight, the beard didn't work so well then...

In the movie the Warner Studios try to create a certain image for James Dean. How about you?
It's still like that with the big movies.That's why I'm doing smaller productions, because it's a lot less pressure on the director and everyone who works on the movie. Everybody can be themselves and don't have to change. The hierarchy is rather straight and you can be sure that the final movie is the exact vision of the director.

Do you need to work or do you have enough money to retire?
Definitely not enough. But you don't become an actor to get rich.

Rob's Interview With Gala Germany - Scans + Translation

Thanks to Verena for sending the HQ scans to us :)
Interview without a hangover. Robert Pattinson used to suffer from hangovers during former press days, today he tells us how he grew up.

Robert Pattinson became world famous playing the vampire in the Twilight Saga. The 29 year old British actor has long grew out of the role that made him famous and has become a convincing talented character actor like in his new movie LIFE by Anton Corbijn. In this biopic Pattinson plays a photographer who meets James Dean in 1955 and documents his life until his tragic death. That the once talkative Patinson is out of the woods, is really showing during the interview. His fiance FKA Twigs he routinely leaves unmentioned and today he has sort of an apology for his former flippant use of alcohol...

When I interviewed you for the first time Twilight wasn't even in the cinemas....
It was a crazy time. I was so inexperienced and not the least bit jaded. I remember that first day of interviews and how much fun it was for me because I hadn't done something like that before and I just spoke without notes...

Did fame change you?
I am trying to protect myself more, but I also got used to my situation. I used to be much more nervous in public and I would have never done things that I do now.

For example?
I went to the Venice Beach boardwalk for a walk. I haven't done something like that in years. And you know what? It was totally okay, only one person recognized me.

You seem much more relaxed.
Maybe it's because I'm getting older and it's much easier for me to give interviews, because I'm not hungover. It took me ten years to understand that. This might be the first interview I'm not hungover for.

You grew up with two older sisters. How did that influence you?
As a younger brother I was always excluded from my sisters worlds, but my mother is a very strong woman. Growing up with self-conscious women certainly influenced me. If I had grown up with brothers, I would have had more interest in team sports.

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New Picture of Rob Filming 'The Lost City of Z' Last Week

ETA: Added HQ/Untagged (same pic cropped a few times)

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New LIFE Clips (Dubbed in German)

Dubbed in German. But enjoy them in HD :)

Thanks to Tania at :)

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New Rob Interview with The Talks

Short audio at the bottom of the post

click for the HQ picture

Mr. Pattinson, are you disillusioned with your career?
I think a lot of actors get disillusioned and say, “Oh, I thought it was going to be one way, and it’s something else.” I never thought anything was going to be any particular way at all! You know, in the good times and the bad times, they’re all just new experiences. So I can’t really be disillusioned with anything because I didn’t have any expectations at all.

What about people’s expectations of you?
I’ve never really acknowledged people’s expectations of me. A lot of actors sort of fall into the job and feel like they’re going to get “found out,” like, found out that they’re a fraud or something like that. I think loads of people feel like that. I did a film with Anton Corbijn called LIFE where I played the photographer who shot those famous photos of James Dean and there are a lot of parallels between an acting career and a photography career.

Like what?
Both of them are almost entirely dependent on the material, especially if you’re doing stuff like taking photos of famous people and really talented people who are incredibly interesting and charismatic. As an actor, you want to be an artist, but you’re so dependent on everybody else! And even if you’re great in something, there’s only a few actors who the audience acknowledges that they were the reason something’s good. With a photographer, it’s very difficult to claim stuff, too.

As someone who has been hounded by the paparazzi more than most, was it cathartic to switch roles and play the photographer for once?
It was quite strange walking up to the Chateau Marmont as a paparazzi. It was very weird at the actual place. I don’t know if it was cathartic. Maybe it would have been if, because of him being paparazzi, he ends up getting beaten to death…

They’re just people, too.
Well… In fact, not at all. That’s probably why my character was so filled with self-loathing, because he’s a paparazzi. (Laughs)

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New Stills of Rob in 'The Childhood of a Leader'

From 'The Childhood of a Leade'r Director of Photography Lol Crawley's Facebook Page. Check his page for more stills (no Rob).

New Fan Picture of Rob in an Airplane in Belfast - Sept 14th

Source Via

New Rob Interview with Berliner Morgenpost - Scans + Translation
BERLINER MORGENPOST: Are you afraid of photographers, Mr. Pattinson?

A young man that seems a bit disheartened, that is the first impression one gets during this interview with Robert Pattinson. There is no reason for the 29 year old to feel like that though, because after the massive success of the Twilight series he managed to establish himself as a serious actor. In Life he is seen as the photographer who shot the legendary pictures of James Dean.

Are you a good photographer?
Halfway decent, although I just had started it during this movie. I got the same camera that Dennis Stock had. The quality of my pictures does depend on the place and light. When I was shooting Queen of the Desert with Werner Herzog in Morocco, I got great pictures very easily, but when I returned to London my pictures came out very dark.

Usually you are the one that is photographed all the time. How well do you deal with that?
I’m struggling with it at the moment. When the first Twilight movie came out, I dealt with it very offensively-minded. That means I was out to present myself in a certain way and as long as you can control that it is good. But it became too much and it slipped out of my control. I had the feeling something was taken from me with the constant photo graphs and I got scared and closed myself off. At the moment I’m in the ‘please don’t take pictures’ phase.

What do you do when you go out and photographers are waiting for you?
I get scared.

No. I understand that I couldn’t let it make me go crazy. I’m tired of putting on a disguise or wear a hat.

Did you ever have a close relationship to a photographer like James Dean did?
Not with a photographer, but when the first Twilight movie came out there were some journalists I got along great with and also hung out with. There was one writer for EW who wrote a pretty cool story about me because we got along great. We went to a bar and got drunk.

Should we do that now?
No, I won’t ever do that again, because now people kind of know me through the many interviews I did and some journalists –no offense to you- try to get me to the point where I say something really awful.

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New Fan Picture of Rob in London - September 13th


New Rob Interview with The Guardian - The Observer
It is one of this summer’s four perfect days, a Friday afternoon to boot, and London’s most smug are bunking off work and descending like fashionable, tanned zombies on Shoreditch House members’ club. Meanwhile in a joyless, north-facing, little-used room called the Library you’ll find Robert Pattinson, the 29-year-old British actor. He’s not tanned; famously, he has the pallor of an eternally youthful bloodsucker. He’s not smug either; in fact it would be hard to find someone less pleased with themselves. And he’s come to Shoreditch House today to work – to do interviews anyway, one of the least enjoyable elements of a job that he’s not convinced he’s especially good at.
Does Pattinson come here often? “Um, yeah, kind of, er. Ish,” he eventually decides on. “I used to go to the gym here until I realised that I didn’t want people to see me going to gym.” He laughs, a posh, unexpected, winning guffaw. “I was so embarrassed,” he continues. “When you’re trying to lift up your 10lb dumbbells… Word spreads.”

Pattinson is monochromatic today: white T-shirt and thin jacket; black jeans, boots and unmarked baseball cap. He has a bushy beard (our pictures were taken before he grew it). It’s the kind the Victorians favoured, with a twiddly moustache, for a part he’s currently shooting. “Oh, this is driving me insane,” he says. “Let me know if I’ve got something hanging off the side. Avocados are especially bad.” Pattinson strokes his chin: “Hmmm, yeah, avocados are not beard-friendly.”

It’s around this point, maybe a couple of minutes in, that I realise I’m going to quite like Pattinson. It is not particularly something he’s said, but his, for want of a better word, vibe. If anyone could be forgiven for being an oddball, it’s him. Any chance Pattinson had of a normal career – a normal life – vanished when he appeared, aged 22, as the vampire Edward Cullen in 2008’s Twilight. Over five films he became very rich, unpleasantly famous and kinkily lusted over. One example: last year in Las Vegas, a woman married a life-size cardboard cutout of Pattinson; on their honeymoon, she carried “him” up to the Hollywood sign.

Such attention, such unsolicited devotion, would be a brain scramble for anyone. But what’s endearing about Pattinson is that it is easy to see the kind of person he was before he became one of the most famous actors in the world. He’s a bit of a goof. He’s prone to gabbling about, say, having a gloop of avocado on his face.

In short, Pattinson doesn’t carry himself like he’s God’s gift. He remains recognisably a 20-something from suburban London whose dad sold vintage cars and whose mum was a model booker.

The most interesting thing about Pattinson these days is the career he’s curating. To oversimplify it, pretty much any director would want Pattinson in their film: he has a name that gets a project green-lit and a fanbase that means people are sure to see it. Yet he has chosen to use this power in an unconventional way. Sometimes he actively seeks out filmmakers who he admires: “There’s not a lot of them, and I like quite specific stuff.” He doesn’t demand the biggest role or for his name to be in the largest type on the film poster – though that’s usually what happens anyway. He’s worked with cult auteur David Cronenberg twice (Cosmopolis and Maps to the Stars) and with Werner Herzog, as TE Lawrence in the forthcoming Gertrude Bell biopic, Queen of the Desert, alongside Nicole Kidman and James Franco. He’s just signed up to play an astronaut in Zadie Smith’s first screenplay.

And this month Pattinson stars in Anton Corbijn’s Life, a warm, perceptive film about James Dean. But Pattinson isn’t playing Dean; he is Dennis Stock, a Magnum photographer who befriended the actor in 1955 and took the iconic shot of him walking in Times Square, smoking, huddled against the rain. Pattinson insists he didn’t, even for one second, consider lobbying for the role of Dean, a role taken by Dane Dehaan.

“I wouldn’t even know where to begin,” says Pattinson. “I guess the only reason anyone would think that is from Twilight, because people always said about ‘brooding’. I’m not entirely sure what brooding is, other than a chicken sitting on her eggs. So I’m not entirely sure why that’s considered an attractive trait.”

There are, however, intriguing parallels to be drawn between Dean and Pattinson, two of the defining stars of their eras, or at least an examination of how the nature of celebrity has changed in the 60 years between their respective peaks. In Life, Dean is caught on the cusp of fame, shortly before the release of his debut film, East of Eden (in the ensuing eight months he would shoot two more films, including Rebel Without a Cause, before dying in a car crash aged 24). The studio, Warner Bros, puts him forward for interviews and Dean mucks them up, partly through inexperience, partly through sabotage.

Pattinson certainly knows how that feels. “When the first Twilight came out, I’d definitely say dumb stuff just so I wouldn’t sound cookie-cutter or part of the machine,” he recalls. For the most part this was pretty tame, such as admitting he took a Xanax before his final audition to calm his nerves or saying that he had been drunk for a year before he landed the part, living in a “cool little ex-crack den” with his best friend, the actor Tom Sturridge. “It’s not very difficult to shock people when you can literally just swear,” Pattinson says, laughing again. “You talk about being hungover and you just see the publicity department waving their arms going: ‘Shut up! Shut up!’”

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New Rob Interview with The Scotsman

Thanks so much to Verena for sending the HQ scans to us :) You're the best