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More of Kristen Stewart & Rob's Win for Best Kiss

Mtv Bloggers Backstage

9:52: Moments after winning “Best Fight,” Robert Pattinson came backstage, gave thumbs-up to the cameras - and made a beeline right for us. Smiling and running his fingers through his hair (of course), he told us he was excited for Cam to have won “Best Fight” two years in a row. Even Rob hasn’t seen the “New Moon” trailer yet, so he was eager to watch it with the fans tonight. RPattz said he’s loving the Movie Awards, and that he’s eager to begin production Monday on an untitled drama that he’ll squeeze in between “Twilight” sequels.

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Rob @ The Movie Awards in HQ

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New Moon Trailer in HD


Pictures from 2009's Mtv Movie Awards

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New Moon Preview from Mtv Movie Awards

Rob all over IMDb

Rob is back in Los Angeles and tomorrow night sitting by Paris Hilton D:

Hot Topic to start selling 'New Moon' merchandise

The New Moon poster tee's are supposed to be making their way into Hot Topic stores this week. In August they are supposed to be getting more Twilight merchandise along with New Moon.
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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Harry Potter Weekend

This weekend is Harry Potter weekend on ABC Family. Tomorrow Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire will be playing twice. Once around 12 and then again in the evening. Check your local listings for more exact times.

Also tomorrow night Rob will be attending the 2009 Mtv Movie Awards. We'll all be trying our best to keep all the pictures and videos updated. If you're a member of Pattinson Life we're going to be having an official movie awards post that will be constanly updated.

Have a great weekend.

Life & Style Scans

New video of shirtless Rob

Preview of New Moon teaser at the Mtv Movie Awards

New EW Outtake

Catherine Hardwicke thinks Rob deserves Breakthrough Male Award

Catherine Hardwicke celebrated the seven nominations of "Twilight" at Sunday's MTV Movie Awards by inviting us into the home where she auditioned her no-names-turned-superstars, and showing us the bedroom where Robert and Kristen shared the smooch that would eventually become a Best Kiss front-runner.

Next up, Catherine led us into the living room where she keeps a magazine rack. And, after spinning around the rack to reveal dozens of covers featuring her lead actor, she was eager to discuss Robert Pattinson's nomination for Breakthrough Male Performance.

"I remember when we first cast him. We put it on the Internet, and people were sending e-mails [saying], 'He's revolting! He's disgusting! He can't be Edward!' And of course, the fans, after we started putting out some photographs of him looking like Edward, they turned around," Hardwicke grinned. "Now he's pretty much on the cover of every magazine! It's pretty crazy."

Walk into any supermarket and you're bound to find a few RPattzes staring at you while you're in the checkout line. But while every year brings with it a few new Hollywood beefcakes, Hardwicke said she's most proud of Rob because his breakthrough might be building a career to be proud of for decades.

"I think he could do some really interesting roles, like Johnny Depp has chosen — such unique roles," she explained of the actor, who first auditioned (the biology scene) in her dining room, then went into the bedroom to try out that famous kiss. "He can transform himself into other characters, and I love that Rob will do things that we don't expect. He's going to do really unusual, unique things — and I'm looking forward to it."

What's even more remarkable is that, a mere 18 months ago, Twilighters were upset by Pattinson's casting. "People had posted their own opinions of who should be Robert online — pictures of male models that they'd put on the Internet and say, 'This has to be Edward!' and those guys probably couldn't act," Hardwicke remembered. "In fact, we looked at a lot of those guys — and they couldn't act."

Now Rob's amazing breakthrough has seen him go from "the guy in those 'Harry Potter' movies" to one of the most desired leading men in Hollywood. And along with the pleasures of his breakthrough has come a bit of pain — as best evidenced by Hardwicke's magazine collection that also includes such tabloid headlines as "Twilight in Trouble" and "Twilight Fight."

"Now everybody [knows about him], everybody is paying attention to every little thing Rob does," Hardwicke said of the new pressure on him as he's been working on the "New Moon" set. "At the time when we filmed the first movie we had a few fans [surrounding the set], like, 10 people would find us. Now it's like everywhere Rob goes it's a circus.

"People are dissecting everything," she sighed. "If he's looking [grumpy for a moment] it's like, 'Oh, Rob's upset!' It's a crazy time."

Although Hardwicke refuses to pick a favorite between RPattz and fellow Breakthrough Performance nominee Taylor Lautner, she told us that she'll be screaming louder than anyone if Rob walks onstage Sunday night to receive his trophy.

"Robert has that soul, that passion, that depth. He's a very interesting person in his heart and soul. The movies he watches are weird independent films and foreign films; the books he reads are these great, obscure things. He's a musician, an artist, and he's very special and unique," she explained, making his case as a true Hollywood breakthrough. "I can't wait to see what he does next."


New Moon: Rob hides body from fans

We all know that Robert Pattinson hates having his photo taken but now it seems like he hates fans looking at his body during filming as well.

He is currently shooting the kissing/fountain scene with Kristen Stewart in Italy.

Rob seems to be quite shy around the extras.

One explained: "Rob ducks into the building after every take. The guy seems embarrassd by all of us drooling and gaping. Poor guy.

"As soon as the director yells cut - the extras whip around to try and catch a glimpse. Whiplash in unison."

Rob has had to do the scene three times already this morning. Lucky Kristen!

She gets to kiss Rob over and over again.

Her lines seem to be changing each take according to our source.

She says: "Bella's dialog keeps changing a bit - "don't, no, get out of the light."

In the first take she "ran screaming at him "No Edward don't!"


Rob and Kristen leaving Italy

'Twilight': From Unknowns To Superstars

Last year they were rookies, but this year the cast will make a triumphant return to the MTV Movie Awards red carpet.

VENICE, California — One year ago, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and a handful of other "Twilight" stars arrived at the MTV Movie Awards and walked down the red carpet, with most of the world's press uninterested in speaking with them. In fact, they had to go back to the beginning of the carpet and start again, just so they could be properly introduced to those who didn't realize they were movie stars. Luckily, MTV had caught the "Twilight" bug early, eagerly did some exclusive interviews with the actors on the carpet and were proud to use the occasion as their coming-out party.

This Sunday night, Rob, Kristen, Kellan, Ashley, Cam, Taylor and others will return to Universal's Gibson Amphitheatre triumphantly, leading the evening's attendees with seven nominations. And when director Catherine Hardwicke recently showed us around her Venice home where it all began, she marveled at the difference 12 months can make.

"Pretty much, everyone was more or less an unknown when we cast them," she explained. "Now they've all blown up big, like, crazy."

Hardwicke has a seat on the aisle, stage right. And she's ready to do a lot of jumping up and down and shrieking if "Twilight" continues its rags-to-riches story at the MTV Movie Awards. "I think it's going to be different," she said of the reception she expects for stars like Pattinson on this year's red carpet. "Most people, now, know who Robert is. He's been at the top of the Star Meter on IMdB for a year now — he's really blown up big."

"We were in Italy with him, and Germany, London. People all over the world are just crazy about him," she said of watching Rob's ascension to the top ranks in Hollywood. "So, [the Movie Awards] are going to be a lot of fun."

It's no secret that Hardwicke became a proud den mother on the "Twilight" set, watching over her young actors as she helped guide them from relative obscurity to superstardom. And although the director has passed the "Twilight" torch to others for the upcoming sequels, she's still thrilled to know that she gave Pattinson, Stewart, Lutz, Lautner and others their breakthrough roles.

"[That] for me is exciting, because it means there are a lot of actors out there now who can play interesting parts and will be given the chance to do something great," she explained. "Robert's small films and Kristen's small films are getting released now, and hopefully new interesting films will be made, because these two are very unique in their choices."

And if "Twilight" should win the big prize of Best Movie on Sunday night? "Oh, well, I don't think I have to give a speech," Hardwicke said tentatively, before being reminded that directors typically do at the MTV Movie Awards. "Well, that would be fun — but we'll see."

Instead, Hardwicke grinned, she's looking forward to hearing the possible acceptance speech of Breakthrough Performance nominee Pattinson. "If anyone has dealt with it well, [it's Robert]. He hasn't gotten a big head — he takes it with a grain of salt. He sees the absurdity and the humor in it," she explained. "He's great with that self-effacing Brit-thing; it's awesome."


Friday, May 29, 2009

Star Magazine Scans


First New Moon Video

Scans from the world

They claim that Kristen

- and Michael are on a break
- rob is flirting with other people to make Kristen jealous
- is very happy when they're together
- is constantly calling Robert

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Shirtless Rob is everywhere


Rob is a goofball

Costar Calls Bulls--t on R.Pattz & Kristen Hookup

Kristen Stewart's on-set dad thinks the hot hookup reports about her and Robert Pattinson—which have been extensively covered in Ted Casablanca's Awful Truth—are ridiculous.

"As far as I know, I'm gonna say bulls--t," Billy Burke said at Melanie Segal's MTV Movie Awards gift suite. "I'm not buying it. Please!"

Interesting. Then again, when do dads (even movie ones) ever know what the kids are really up to?

Burke just returned from filming New Moon in Vancouver, where he and Rob sometimes grabbed drinks at local dive bars.

So what's R.Pattz like when the cameras aren't rolling?

"He's a goofball," Billy said about Rob's real personality. "If people knew how much of a goofball he was, they wouldn't be falling all over the place. He doesn't take it all too seriously."


Video of Kristen and Rob filming shirtless scene


It's getting hot on the set of New Moon in Italy!

As the director yells "action", our favorite hunky vampire -- a shirtless Robert Pattinson -- waits as co-star Kristen Stewart jumps into his arms.

When the scene is wrapped, you can hear the crowd of Twilight fans -- lucky enough to be in Montepulciano, Italy -- erupt in cheers.

The cast of New Moon has been shooting in Italy for the past few days after wrapping shooting in Canada.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon opens in theaters November 20.

People Magazine Scan


Thursday, May 28, 2009

OK! Magazine Scan


Rob on NM set

Rob's abs make London newspaper

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Rob makes Cosmo's Hot Guys List for Summer

We can’t decide what we like most: watching this heartthrob in his role as Edward Cullen in Twilight, or tracking his hot hookups in real life. This summer, he’s busy filming The Twilight Saga: New Moon, which is scheduled to come out next fall.

Rob's seating at the Mtv Movie Awards

Ignore the person sitting next to him.

New Moon - Robert Pattinson helped by Chris Weitz

New Moon director Chris Weitz really cares about Robert Pattinson.

Chris needs to make sure his biggest star is happy and comfortable at all times whilst filming in Italy.

Rob might be a long way from home but he is still enjoying being with Kristen Stewart and Ashley Greene in the sunshine.

Rob has been busy filming scenes that show off his six pack this morning.

A fan witnessed Chris doing something to help Rob relax.

She twittered: "The director did somthing very smart and sly.

"He had two big trucks move in and block the view of the doorway then sent all the extras to lunch.

"Then he filmed all of Rob's closeups and dialogue during the reunion/embrace while all the extras were gone so he wouldn't have to do the scene with everyone watching.

"That's a lot of pressure for an actor. I caught a glimpse, but was made to move."

She also revealed a set secret: "Extras confirmed the makeup artist was airbrushing Rob's six pack. They could see it from where they were standing."


New pictures at the set

More at the source

How To Be Posters On Sale | 3 Signed by Rob

Dreamboat Records is selling a limited number of Soundtrack posters and three of the first 300 will be selected at random to receive one signed by Rob. Here are the details:
We have a limited supply of How To Be soundtrack posters. The design (pictured right) is identical to one of the two designs featured on CD booklets, but these posters ship unfolded in a poster tube and are blank on the reverse. Size: 24 x 36 cm. Full gloss, 150gms.
Special offer: three of the first 300 orders will be selected at random to receive a poster signed by Robert Pattinson!
The Posters are $12.00 with shipping.
Purchase Here!

Friday Entertainment Tonight has scenes from New Moon

New Moon Trailer To Premiere At Mtv Movie Awards Sunday

NEW MOON' TRAILER TO PREMIERE ON MTV MOVIE AWARDS Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will present the trailer live on Sunday at 9 p.m. ET. By Eric Ditzian Last week, we dropped a bombshell of OME proportions when we announced that the CAST OF "NEW MOON" WILL BE PRESENTING EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE from their upcoming "Twilight" sequel during the MTV MOVIE AWARDS. Now we can reveal that the never-before-seen video that Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner will be introducing on Sunday's live show is the movie's first trailer. The stars will present the premiere of the "New Moon" trailer on the Movie Awards, airing at 9:00 pm ET on Sunday. Then at 10:45 p.m., the high-definition video will debut online To make sure you don't miss the big premiere, you can snag our Movie Awards countdown clock right here!

Behind the scenes pictures