Saturday, May 30, 2009

New Moon: Rob hides body from fans

We all know that Robert Pattinson hates having his photo taken but now it seems like he hates fans looking at his body during filming as well.

He is currently shooting the kissing/fountain scene with Kristen Stewart in Italy.

Rob seems to be quite shy around the extras.

One explained: "Rob ducks into the building after every take. The guy seems embarrassd by all of us drooling and gaping. Poor guy.

"As soon as the director yells cut - the extras whip around to try and catch a glimpse. Whiplash in unison."

Rob has had to do the scene three times already this morning. Lucky Kristen!

She gets to kiss Rob over and over again.

Her lines seem to be changing each take according to our source.

She says: "Bella's dialog keeps changing a bit - "don't, no, get out of the light."

In the first take she "ran screaming at him "No Edward don't!"


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