Monday, May 25, 2009

More on Pattinson at amfAR

As I reported on Saturday – click here for the article – Robert Pattinson was sold out in Cannes by a friend of Emile Hirsch’s with claims from Life & Style that he and a beautiful blonde called Erika were all over each other at amfAR on Thursday.

Interestingly enough, as I mentioned in my original post, Life & Style’s is the only source who saw this go down. The place was crawling with journalists. He was being watched by everyone. And no one else saw any activity with Erika…

Including the lovely Zoe Griffin.

Zoe has reported for the Daily Telegraph and the Mirror and can get smutty and scandalous when the story takes her there. She was there. That night at amfAR. And you know she was watching. She was watching and she saw Robert Pattinson pretty much on his best behaviour. And no Erika at all.

Zoe wrote to me today:

I met Robert at the actual AMFAR party (that's where this pic was taken). He was completely sober and moaned he wasn't having fun, but in the photo he looks a bit tipsy. I could have written a caption under it saying he looks drunk and was flirting with me but the fact is he wasn't drunk but has weird eyes and he has no time to flirt!

Read Zoe’s full report here on her blog. She restrained herself from raping him – well done Z!

You will note though…

Zoe reports that Pattinson is single. So even though he’s not with Erika, he’s also not with anyone else. Including Kristen Stewart. Can they be friends? Would that be ok?

Oh f-ck. Here comes the hate again.


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