Tuesday, February 10, 2015

'Life' Berlinale Promo - Index Post

'Life' Reviews 
"Robert Pattinson impresses in this stylish drama about the relationship between celebrity and the media."

'Life' Berlinale Photocall

'Life' Berlinale Press Conference

'Life' World Premiere at the Berlin Film Festival

Picture of 'Life' Press Junket - February 9th

Official 'Life' Berlinale Portrait

'Life' Berlinale After Party

New Rob 'Life' Berlinale Portrait

New Picture From 'Life' Berlinale Premiere

rbb-online - Press Junket
NWZ Online - Press Junket
Associated Press - Premiere
N24 - Premiere
Svenska Dagbladet - Press Junket
Radio Fritz- Press Junket
Associated Press - Press Junket
1Live - Premiere
Short Video From Press Junket
Interview From Press Junket
rbb-online - Premiere & press Junket
Reuters - Press Junket
EinsPlus - Press Junket
Sky Cinema - Press Junket
BILD - Press Junket
De Volkskrant - Press Junket
ZDF - Press Junket
Scoop with Raya - Press Junket
Yahoo Singapore - Press Junket
More from AP interview - Press Junket 


Rob MyLove said...

Thank you for all the pics and interviews.

No one special said...

Thank you RPL, it's been a pleasure visiting here and following your tweets with all the coverage that is so succintley done. Welldone. I wonder where Rob is off to next.

insoumis said...

Thank you for these amazing pics. I'm german and he was just 2 hours away..... but i couldn't take the chance to see him in person. So I'm glad to read all these wonderful interviews and look at all these lovely pictures. You always do a great job !

guest one said...

That claret tie, the same color of the Life banner. I wonder if that was Rob's thought behind his choice of the tie. This Gucci suit and overcoat was such a good choice and made him so movie star handsome.

vana said...

Thank you, it's been a real pleasure reading all the reviews and up dates.

Brenda Wilson said...

It is a pleasure to be able to keep up with Rob.
Thank you!

Margarita Lopez said...

THANK. YOU. ... :D
Thank you for allowing everyone to have access and take a peek, at something you do for entertainment, and for free...
Thank you very much for being neutral, objective, and the most complete site there is, where anyone can find information about The Man...
Thank you so much, for just giving the info out, and not manage-turn it to "guide" the reader into believing certain side...
Just thank you... Really...


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