Friday, May 29, 2009

Rob is a goofball

Costar Calls Bulls--t on R.Pattz & Kristen Hookup

Kristen Stewart's on-set dad thinks the hot hookup reports about her and Robert Pattinson—which have been extensively covered in Ted Casablanca's Awful Truth—are ridiculous.

"As far as I know, I'm gonna say bulls--t," Billy Burke said at Melanie Segal's MTV Movie Awards gift suite. "I'm not buying it. Please!"

Interesting. Then again, when do dads (even movie ones) ever know what the kids are really up to?

Burke just returned from filming New Moon in Vancouver, where he and Rob sometimes grabbed drinks at local dive bars.

So what's R.Pattz like when the cameras aren't rolling?

"He's a goofball," Billy said about Rob's real personality. "If people knew how much of a goofball he was, they wouldn't be falling all over the place. He doesn't take it all too seriously."



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*sigh* I love goofballs.

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i love billy!!!! lol