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One of Rob's regrets? Turning down a role in "There Will Be Blood"

“Breaking Dawn” was the longest book in the “Twilight” series, but Robert Pattinson doesn’t “really mind either way” whether its film adaptation should be one long film or two.

“If they can make it one script… It depends. l wouldn’t know where the first one would really end and the second one would begin. I mean, either way, there’s [more] movies to do, and people like them,” said the 23-year-old English actor, who plays Edward Cullen in the movie franchise.

Pattinson made the comments during an interview with HitFix as he’s promoting forthcoming drama “Remember Me,” co-starring Emilie de Ravin, due in theaters March 12.

As previously reported, “Twilight” colleague Kristen Stewart said that she thinks “the story absolutely warrants two films. But I think you could do it with one. It just depends." She also told HitFix in a video interview that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make “Breaking Dawn” in 3-D, either.

Pattinson not only spoke on films to come, but also ones that passed him by. When asked if he’s ever been offered a script or role that he turned down for feared of not pulling it off, Pattinson revealed that Academy Award-winning “There Will Be Blood” “will always be one of my biggest regrets.”

“I remember reading the script and thinking it was the best script ever. I just couldn’t do it. And I was so pissed off afterwards. I was gonna go into the audition, but I was just, like, I can’t do it,” he laughed. “Also ‘The Assassination of Jesse James [by the Coward Robert Ford]’ -- that was the other. I don’t know why I’ve pussied out of these things. I wouldn’t do it ever again.”

Lucky for him, Pattinson has at least a couple projects to keep him busy, with “Bel Ami” currently lensing and “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” due June 30.


On the set of "Remember Me"

If you don't mind paparazzi video, Poptv just made a video (22 minutes) of Rob on the set of Remember Me


Via Pattinsonlife

Rob talks Remember Me, Bel Ami, and what makes him happy

Yesterday, press junkets were held for Remember Me with Robert Pattinson, Emilie De Ravin, and Chris Cooper for the upcoming romantic drama Remember Me. Since Rob was there to talk about Remember Me, information about Twilight was limited.

Was there a time where you were sitting with Alan Coulter and the producer and something clicked for you? Can you talk about why you were attracted to this character, and about taking that step to produce?

Robert Pattinson: Well, the producing thing. (laughs) I’m kind of embarrassed about the producing thing because I wasn’t really acting like a proper producer. I only really came on after the shoot just to kind of help Alan and Nick make sure that the product was what the product in which we all wanted to make in the end. It was the summer after the first Twilight thing. I read it then and I met with Alan and Nick. I thought they were really great, and I talked to them for hours about it. I think basically what I commented to them about was, what shocked me was I was reading a ton of scripts and it just didn’t fall into any, the way the dialogue was written and the plot was structured, it didn’t fit into any kind of normal category. It didn’t seem very formulaic. I had just read tons and tons of formulaic scripts in one genre or another and it was just such a relief to find that. There was also something about Tyler, the way he reacted to things seemed very relatable to me, and I hadn’t seen another character like it in like 100 scripts. So that’s why when the period came up between New Moon and Eclipse, we only had two months, you can’t really do that much, it’s difficult to find a movie which can fit in such a short period. It seemed like the perfect fit.

He’s a rebellious character, especially against his father. Were you attracted to that idea?

Pattinson: I mean, I don’t know if it was so much about just the rebellion that interested me. I liked how it seemed like Tyler didn’t really know what he was rebelling against. It seemed like no matter what his father was like, no matter what everyone around him is like, he’d still be rebelling. There was one interesting thing, I liked how he wasn’t fighting against everybody, he only chose to fight against his father. I think it was a pretty broken family to begin with, and I think he just takes out all of his rage on his father because his father is the only one who can take it. I mean if he tried to attack his mother, she’d probably end up killing herself or something. She’s too wounded to be able to take that. I don’t think it’s particularly typical rebel. It just comes in fits and starts all the time, so I think he’s kind of faking it. I think what he’s really rebelling against is himself.

Were there any scenes that were cut from the movie that you wished stayed?

Pattinson: I don’t know, I haven’t seen the final cut. (laughs)

What was your favorite scene to film, then?

Pattinson: I like the scene where Tyler confronts his little sister’s bullies. Basically because I kind of fancy which I would have myself just kind of being the tough guy. Actually there was more of a take that was cut out, or they didn’t use. When I pushed the little girls desk that was bullying her, and the first take I pushed it too hard and she fell on the floor and the desk on her. She looked absolutely terrified after, and it just became this turn into a psychopath. (laughs) And they had to cut it out, because they were like “you wouldn’t just go to jail for vandalism, you’d go for child abuse.” (laughs) That would really change the story. That was quite fun.

Both characters seem to really be embracing life, and I think audiences will really come away with that. What do you think is the overall feeling around love. What will people learn from watching this film?

Pattinson: I think one of the things, which I always liked about it, is that he doesn’t. Like when you meet someone who you feel whatever for, it doesn’t necessarily mean that that’s a finish line, and that’s like “oh you’ll be alright now afterwards.” I think that worked in the relationship with Allie and Tyler. I think it’s to show that its sort of ok to have, if you just have one moment of happiness, where you can feel that you’re happy, even if it just lasts for a minute. It’s worth a lot. Because I think people now, everyone does all of these things because they think they should be happy like all the time. Doing therapy, and taking anti-depressants and all of these things. If you’re happy all of the time, it’s difficult to acknowledge when you actually are happy.

What makes you happy?

Pattinson: I don’t know. It’s like these weird little things. It’s like what I was trying to put across in the movie, when funny little things happen, it’s not just meeting Allie, it’s all of these things kind of melds together and it hits you from left field, and you’re just like “oh yeah, I’m happy” (laughs)

This movie is so steep. The locations are amazing in the film, and it feels so authentically New York. What’s interesting to me is so much of the cast aren’t New Yorkers and don’t have a New York accent, and you’re Brooklyn accent is on point. I wonder if, working on that, what kind of research you did, or if you knew a lot about New York in 2001. And what it was like to film in the streets of New York?

Pattinson: My sister lived in New York for like 5 years and I used to go visit her all the time. I don’t know. When I read the script there seemed to be a sort of voice that was just there as soon as you read it. I’ve never had a dialect coach or anything. Ironically I’ve only had a dialect coach for this film I’m doing now, which I’m doing now in an English accent. (laughs) I guess I’ve forgotten how to do an English accent.

But what was it like for you to film in Queens, at NYU, what was that like?

Pattinson: It was nice. Obviously it was great for doing stuff at NYU, you’re filming at NYU, which is perfect. I like this bar, I went in there a few times before we starting shooting. That’s not really research. (laughing) Oh yeah I just went to a couple of bars. (laughs)

So that was a sum total of your New York research?

Pattinson: (laughs) No, I mean it was nice. I was sort of staying, it’s difficult to go out and stuff there at the time. I’ve gone out more in New York since. There’s funny little things which happened, experiences which I had in New York which were put into the script. Like a friend of mine, the whole fight in the beginning, how that was all set up, it happened to a friend of mine the day before we did the rewrites to the script. We were down in Alphabet City, and this guy jumped out of the car with a little mini baseball bat and just hit my friend in the face. The whole thing. It was literally the day before. The whole thing was put into the movie. (laughing) Annoyingly, I didn’t react in the same way. (laughing)

You ran?

Pattinson: (laughing) I didn’t see what was happening until it was too late. (laughs) Even when the police asked me, they asked all the people around to give a testimony. The police looked at me and was like “oh it’s alright you don’t have to give one”, and it was because of the Twilight thing. I was like “no, I want to give a testimony!” (laughing) “I want to be a witness!”

Alan spoke a lot about your focus that you had to maintain while shooting because of the constant paparazzi attention and the screaming fans. What was that like for you to shoot such an emotional movie under the eye of people Twittering about it, and people screaming at you?

Pattinson: It’s like the first two weeks were kind of crazy, because I was all around NYU and Washington Square park and there’d be tons of people around anyway. I think it was annoying people as well, that all of these crowds came and disrupted peoples days, so that was really difficult at the beginning. But, I think after that you just get used to it. You just block certain things out. I was trying to figure out a way to use the sort of rage that was built up, but you couldn’t really use it for that character. If the same thing had happened during this movie that I’m doing now, it would have been perfect and I could have gone around hitting paparazzi and stuff and it would have been great because I would have been staying in character. (laughs) But it didn’t really work for Tyler, he’s not that kind of guy.

Do you see yourself trying to sort of make a big gap between Twilight and everything else you do so people realize there this…something so different from the phenomenon that everybody focus on?

More to you…

Pattinson: No, I don’t really focus on trying to do it, I don’t think. I pick scripts the same way, I think, that I’ve always done. I barely like anything, and so it’s kind of easy to pick your jobs. The things which I’m signed onto now are all completely different. Like I’m playing a white Comanche in one thing and the parts completely in Comanche. Bel Ami is, I thought there was a kind of irony in Bel Ami as well, because a lot of the women are attracted to this character and then he kind of screws them over and steals their money and stuff. (laughs) Which I thought was quite funny compared to the Twilight character. (laughing) It’s kind of the polar opposite. It wasn’t intentional, I just thought Bel Ami was very funny, and it’s a very interesting character. With Remember Me, I’d never done a simple story before, and it’s not that simple, but its playing a normal guy and trying to relate to things on a normal level it’s kind of relief in a lot of ways.

It reminded me of James Dean on a slight, with the rebel without a cause. Did you think of him in sort of a classical way? When you said he’s rebelling against himself, that this is just someone who’s just someone who’s sort of in a fury about the way the world is.

Pattinson: I think it’s a fairly typical state to be in. I think there’s that element, but I was also interested in the kind of, in Tyler there was a lot of elements of sort of arrogance things about him, which I thought were quite interesting. To have a loss in your family, and then I think a lot of the fighting in his family is because he feels like the attention has kind of gone off of him a bit. You have these petty things, which turn you into this iconic rebel or whatever, and it’s just based on these silly things, kind of like almost despicable emotions that you have about it. I tried to make that apparent in Remember Me. There’s a reason why James Dean stereotype is so common, especially in actors, I think. I think its pretty real. It’s also an ideal for young guys I think. I think, anyway. Because as soon as you stop struggling against something, what have you got to do? That’s the whole point being young, struggling against things.

Your chemistry with the younger sister character was so strong. Can you talk about what you had to do, and if there was anything different you had to do finding that with a child actor?

Pattinson: She did everything; I mean completely. On the first day I met her. Me, Alan, and Emilie were sitting around discussing our scenes together and she hadn’t really said anything, and I kind of asked just to be nice. I was just like [ducking his head down and talking just above a whisper] “so, you know what do you think about it?” And she’s sitting there with her pencil and engaged in this whole diatribe of her characters back story and everything, and in the most interesting way. And she’d be writing notes, about all of the stuff we were saying, like quoting what we were saying. She’s phenomenal. She’s going to be a massive actress, I think. She’s the best improviser I’ve ever met. You can literally say anything to her, and she’ll completely stay in character. Even if the camera is not on her, she’ll stay completely in character the whole time. Also, she’s no actressy as well. She’s kind of like one of those weird, hyper-intelligent, hyper-mature kid. Then I saw her with her little friends and just like a little girl when you see her with her friends. I just don’t understand how that happens at all. She’s so easy to act with, you don’t have to do anything, just look at her. It’s the first time since the day I began acting where I just feel completely unselfconscious, because I could feel that she wasn’t at all and it rubs off on me. I love when she was like “you’re so retarted” (laughs) That’s just an 11 year old girl thing to say.

How was it to work with Emilie?

Pattinson: She’s great, yeah. And completely different to what I…what I thought was going to be cast.

Are you a fan of LOST?

Pattinson: I’ve never seen it

What are your thoughts on the Breaking Dawn being two films?

Pattinson: I really don’t mind either way.


Another new picture of Rob at the 'Remember Me' Press Junket


New 'Remember Me' HQ Stills

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Robert Pattinson Portraits From The 'Remember Me' Press Junket


8 Movie Clips from Robert Pattinson’s REMEMBER ME

With Robert Pattinson’s new movie Remember Me getting ready to open on March 12, we’ve been provided with 8 clips from the film. If you’re the type that loves watching as much footage before a movie comes out, you’ll love these clips. Saying that, I always think movies are better knowing as little as possible, so if you can resist the urge, avoid watching them. I just wanted to give you the option.

And while an embargo prevents me from saying too much about Remember Me, I think it’s safe to say I really enjoyed the movie. I walked in knowing nothing about story except who was in it, and the movie really drew me in and surprised me in a lot of ways. The only thing I really want to stress to all of you is avoid every review and spoiler online. If you know too much walking in, the twists and turns won’t mean as much to you. I didn’t know anything in advance and am happy I had that experience.

Hit the jump to watch the clips and read the official synopsis:

Remember Me also stars Emilie de Ravin, Pierce Brosnan, and Chris Cooper. Allen Coulter directed the film and William Fetters wrote.

Here’s the synopsis:

In the romantic drama Remember Me, Robert Pattinson plays Tyler, a rebellious young man in New York City who has had a strained relationship with his father (Pierce Brosnan) ever since tragedy separated their family. Tyler didn’t think anyone could possibly understand what he was going through, until the day he met Ally (Emilie de Ravin) through an unusual twist of fate. Love was the last thing on his mind, but as her spirit unexpectedly heals and inspires him, he begins to fall for her. Through their love, he begins to find happiness and meaning in his life. Soon, hidden secrets are revealed and tragedy lingers in the air, as the circumstances that brought them together threaten to tear them apart.


ETA: Youtube - not my video

'Remember Me' Press Junket - Day 2


A few more from Day 1:

@rosamund_: Today, in a hotel room, RPattz told me he wants a long, happy marriage like his parents (lovely moment ruined by three watching publicists).
@katespencer: 1 more RPattz moment:joked that he researched NYC by going 2 a bar.Made entire room laugh.Also said he got used 2 pap/fan mobs. #rememberme

Day 2:

@patrickstoner: I asked Rob Pattinson if he ad trouble finding the insecurity needed for role; he said, "Oh, Pat, I think I'm 95 % insecure." #r-patz
@patrickstoner: Rob Pattinson's costar (Remember Me), Emily de Raven, says the paparzzi were so intrusive on location that they created a shell around them
@iamBenLyons: Thank you all for the Rob Pattinson questions. Great stuff, I really appreciate it. Be sure to watch @THEDAILY10 tomorrow to see the intvw
@iamBenLyons: @Rob_Tyler_RM yeah I have interviewed him many times over the years...nice dude and seems to handle the "crazy" part of his job just fine...
@mannymovies: Had great interviews with REMEMBER ME folks...Robert Pattinson is a sweetheart...for risk of sounding like a tween but he's adorable...soft hands :) Pierce Brosnan is also very sweet...and the film is a love story with far deeper consequences...I can't reveal the all important plot twist...I don't want to ruin it for y'all
@patrickstoner: Brosnan says the conflict scenes with Pattinson in Remember Me were carefully pre-prepared so they could do them in short takes. #r-patz
@stayfabulous: Robert was wearing a white t-shirt, jeans ,his hair was perfectly tousled and he kept running his hands thru it during the interview..lovely
@colliderfrosty: At the remember me junket. Just got something rob fans will like. Getting ready to post before interviews
@patrickstoner: Rob says it took a while to blank out the constant exposure but he's now learned the mental trick and can ignore the madness. #r-patz
@andreamineocnn: R #Patz just walked by his hair was sticking straight up - looked good
@stayfabulous: When I asked Robert Pattinson about doing double duty as star and exec producer of #RememberMe & if he's a "good boss". He said...
@stayfabulous: He laughed (adorable) ran fingers thru his hair (dreamy) and said..."He didn't fancy himself a proper boss".still laughing (still adorable)
@SharonFJohnson: I just interviewed Robert Pattinson for "Remember Me." He was a fantastic interview. Once he knew cared about the film he gave me so much!
@SharonFJohnson: I just intv'd Robert Pattinson 4 "Remember Me." He's a fantastic intv. Once he knew I cared about the film he gave me all needed. Nice guy!
@SharonFJohnson: He is very real, smart and yes handsome. RT @jvanr1708: @SharonFJohnson can you please tell me if he is more breathe taking in person?
@colliderfrosty: Still doing interviews. Will make sure clips are running good soon. Just spoke to rob. Got some good questions in. Fans will like.
@andreamineocnn: Just out R#Patz so sweet says he hasn't seen any of 'Eclipse' but will be different b/c of director
@andreamineocnn: R #Patz says there are places he can go to sort of hide. Says he's happy less stress this year
@andreamineocnn: R #Patz was wearing a white T & jeans kept running his hands thru his hair it would stick up very cute
@andreamineocnn: asked R #Patz : tell me something about yourself that fans don't know. He couldn't.
@andreamineocnn: #Patz says really doesn't watch his own work only watched F Moon b/c he wasn't in it alot
@andreamineocnn: Before intvu #Patz asked me how I was dealing with all the New York snow. Sweet
@iamBenLyons: Rob told me if he could visit any country in the world that he hasn't been to, it would be Fiji...and that he reads his fan mail!
@SharonFJohnson: Ah, laid back but inquisitve & thoughtful. RT @TwiSagaReality: @SharonFJohnson haha I meant is he more laid or always figuring things out.
@kelligillespie:Robert Pattinson charming as ever & candid about family, fame & acting. More from interview & video in coming week
@kelligillespie: "Remember Me" filmmakers say hundreds of fans watching rpattz make movie were more respectful than paparazzi!
@andreamineocnn: #Patz stood up to shake my hand when I walked in the room to interview him. This rarely happens. Tweeted F Moon - was a bit busy 'New Moon'.
@HotTopicsTV: Rob was super nice as expected... Although it looked like he hasn't washed his hair in days. Haha
@HotTopicsTV: Rob said he doesn't know how people like JLo do it.
@ga_brielle: He is adorable. Also incredibly charming!
@ga_brielle: Rob smelled amazing. lol the BO rumors are false.
@ga_brielle: Fave Rob moment: He said he did New York accent research for RM by going to local bars. Had the entire room cracking up..including him!
@ga_brielle: I agree. Rob was very charming and hilarious. :
@HotTopicsTV: @Gappiie here's something you may not know. He said he prob won't be making a record anytime soon while he's doing movies

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What Does Robert Pattinson Think of Breaking Dawn Times Two?

Do you really want to see more Robert Pattinson? Are you sure?!

We kid, but something tells us the prospect of more Pattz may be a big part of your mass desire for Breaking Dawn to be a two-parter. While the fourth and final installment of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series has plenty going on—weddings, babies and, of course, a final showdown or two—the official decision to break it down into a pair of movies has yet to be made.

Kristen Stewart told us earlier this month that she's with you! She thinks the book "absolutely warrants" a double-feature and "it would be hard to cram all of it into one movie."

But what does the world's hottest sparkle vamp think?

Unlike other things, Pattz isn't allergic to the idea. In his true, laid-back fashion, he's just going with the flow.

"I don't mind either way," he admits to E! News during the Remember Me press junket in New York City on Saturday.

Two movies would mean extended action sequences (yeah, that kind of action) with K.Stew, so we have to imagine he really wouldn't mind.


Even more pictures of Rob at the 'Remember Me' Press Junket

MTV via Source

More Pictures of Rob at the 'Remember Me' Press Junket

All tweets so far

@katespencer Just interviewed Robert Pattinson. Sweet, soft spoken, and hair in full effect. The room melted. #fb
@BreanneNYC: I can officially confirm that Robert Pattinson messes with his hair even more than imagined. I know you're swooning.
@laurenkaye I've now witnessed Robert Pattinson run his hand through his hair in person. And his giggle made my heart skip a beat.
@mikeavila: I'm willing to bet my intv with Robert Pattinson was the only one he did all day where Rocky Balboa was mentioned more than Twilight.
@mikeavila: In fact, the T word was not mentioned once in my chat with him. And I'm strangely pleased with myself for that.
@mikeavila: Pattinson talked about playing a normal guy (for once) in Remember Me, boxing movies, playing a Comanche in his next film, and...
@mikeavila: ...Asked me if I culd set him up w/a nice girl who hangs out on Twitter. Any1 interested??
@ga_brielle: Saw Remember Me last night. Must see. Do not read reviews just go see it. Breathtaking. Also did roundtables today with Rob, Emilie, etc.

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