Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rob supports his sister :)

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behnaz said...

very good boy

Lucy said...

Okay, I gotta say something, and this is as good a space as any. I'm not a huge RPatz fan after his photo shoot in details. Not that I want to throw the baby out with the bath's a personal opinion as of late. The man needs to make better career choices....just saying.

Now....the real reason I'm commenting: What is the big deal about spotting RPatz and Kristen together? I've always thought they were great friends. Friends go places together, they do things together, they keep in contact. I for one would think it strange if when Kristen is in London, she wouldn't connect with her friend RPatz. When RPatz is in L.A., it would be weird if he didn't contact his friend Kristen.

I have a friend that is closer than a family member. We go out for dinner, social engagements, etc. We are seen together a lot. Our careers put us behind a microphone in front of huge crowds of people. Because of that, we attend the others events a lot. We find ourselves in the same town constantly. We go out of town together to attend social events also. THERE IS NOTHING GOING ON!!! Everybody thinks there is....but NO! We like being in each others company, we're very close, we have the same career, we have to work together at times, we keep in touch (mostly daily) by phone, email, etc. Believe me, it's less than fun to be romantically linked to someone who is JUST your best friend. We're not movie stars, but no matter how much we tell people we are just friends.......they don't believe us! Sound familiar?

Why can't RPatz and Kristen have the same relationship? No wonder they have to dodge the media, and arrive separately to events. I feel sorry for them. I've read that the media are telling them "just let us know, and we'll leave you alone". they won't. No matter what they say, it won't be believed. Here's another wrinkle. If they are trying to form a relationship other than friendship, how can they with all the scrutiny? They would be acting just like they are if they were friends...or the opposite. Give them some space. Time will tell.