Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kristen Stewart Has Seen Robert Pattinson's 'Remember Me'

Or Youtube

Via Pattinsonlife

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gossip_bangkok said...

at 00:15, Kristen was giving someone 'the look'.. Is it to the PA/PR?? LUCKY!!! Can I even be jealous of her getting to see the movie at this point? LMAO! :P

Anonymous said...

I wish I heard what Eddie was going to say. It was cut off right when he was starting to say something about Rob.

PadmeSkywalker1 said...

I want her to say something like, "It totally sucks!" That would have been funny. :) Btw..I am eagerly awaiting the reviews for this movie. Even though I know I will love it.

Anonymous said...

Awkward Kristen as always. lol

Emma613 said...

As always,Kristen can not answer a simple question without having some sort of attitude.....sooooo tired of it