Friday, February 26, 2010

Rob interview with Sweedish 'Studentmagasinet"

Keep in mind that some of his quotes may be lost in translation. And the actress that plays Rob's sister in Remember Me is Ruby Jerins

This interview is really sketchy with some wrong info. He did meet the press that day, I don't know if this interview is real or fake


Studentmagasinet Met with Rob in London January 22, 2010

Some ask him to bite them and others hate him. In reality, Robert Pattinson is neither a hot vampire, or a jerk, he is rather an incredibly humble 23-year-old who is one of the world's hottest actors, right now. And we got to meet him.

When you tell people that you've met Robert Pattinson, you get different reactions. Most of the 40-years old people, look at you with a questioning facial expression. But teenage girls (and those who have past their teens) screaming hysterically and often wonder if Rob is just as good in reality as he is on film. But most guys see the most acid one and sincerely hope that Rob is a shit boot because their girlfriends are hopelessly in love with Rob's "perfect" character, Edward in the Twilight Saga. Most people have preconceived ideas about me, "said Robert, when Student magazine hits on him in the roar luxury hotel Dorchester on Park Lane in London The funny thing is that many young, female fans confuse me with Edward and thinks that we are the same person. Which is to say the least diseased, given that Edward is a vampire.

Robert smiles and says that since he met several fans who have asked him to bite them. Some girls baring his throat and begs and asks for me to put teeth into their neck. I decline politely but firmly and try to explain that it would hurt. The sexy vampire Edward Cullen and Twilight movies has become a mega success worldwide.

When we filmed the Twilight, we had no idea how big it would become. We were in an old school in the middle of the woods in the countryside outside Vancouver, Canada. When the film came out, I and my cast mates became super actress celebrities overnight. It was bizarre and scary.Wherever I went I was met by fans who became so excited that they just stood and cried and screamed. Most celebrities of Roberts calibration hates their fame. But he is more realistic than that

My fame has opened doors, I get lots of offers and I select accurately to avoid falling into a trap where the movie branch only think I can play a sort of role. Vampires are all very well, but I would like to show that I can play other kinds of roles, too. Robert says he admires Leonardo di Caprio. "When Leo became a superstar in the Titanic, he took a break afterwards. He partied and had vacation for a few years before he went to arbeta. I admire him, he is a talented actor who has made many good films.

Robert does not want leave. He argues that he would prefer to strike while the iron is hot. For the moment I work in England with a film where I play against Christina Ricci, Kristin Scott Thomas and Uma Thurman and I have sex with all three! I simply could not refuse.

Robert laughs and drinks the water directly from a two-liter bottle. He wipes his mouth and puts down the bottle on the floor with a bang. Robert, or Rob as his friends call him, is commonly dressed in loose-fitting black jeans, brown wool sweater and black training shoes. He has a full beard, which he first red pillar with while he was talking, and on his head he wears a black cap with the initials LB in gold letters. What does LB stand for? I don't know. I think that it stands for "Long Beach" but AJG bought that hat in Tokyo. Fashion doesn't seem to be Roberts thing. He says with a smile that he is an actor who is more interested in making good movies yet to be known as a kind of fashion icon.

Roberts upcoming movie, "Remember Me" is a romantic drama set in New York. His mother in the film is played by Swede Lena Olin, who we last saw in The Reader and the father is played by Pierce Brosnan (Mamma Mia! And James Bond). In the film, Robert also has a younger sister whom he worships. "I have always liked to have a little sister. I have older sisters, but there is something sweet to have to care for and protect a younger sibling. Peyton List who plays my little sister in the film is a superb actor and a very cute girl. Emilie de Ravin plays Robert's girlfriend in the movie. Emilie is a really nice girl, we became friends during filming. The guy I play, Tyler, is quite similar to me. He cares about his friends, is quite serious, rebellious, and believe in justice.

When I was younger I went through a period when I was mad at everybody and everything, but I've calmed down a bit now. I have more patience and tolerance towards people who think like me and who choose to live their lives differently".

Robert has become used to being watched and persecuted by the fans, especially young female ones, but there is still great potential to be anonymous when you feel like it. Just such a thing as the rumor that he is dating Kristen Stewart, who is the female co-star in the Twilight movies. Both refused to comment on a word about it and they are seldom seen in pictures together, although they apparently hit their free time.

It is important to keep a low profile. I can walk up the street, with Skrutt clothes and beard, biting your nails and look down the hill. There's not a soul who will notice me then. I'm just a guy in the crowd. Robert laughs at the memory of how he did a bit on Christmas Eve last-second shopping at HMV on Oxford Street in London. I was there to buy CDs and DVDs for Christmas for my family. The store was packed with people but there was no one who started talking to me or ask me for an autograph. It was a lovely but quite funny feeling to be so anonymous in the crowd. Moreover, it was extra sick because it was Twilight posters all over the shop with my face på.Jag played with the idea to put me next to a poster, pointing to it and shouting "it's me!".

Sorry all readers who would prefer to hate Robert Pattinson, he's actually really nice in real life. He has the distance and his celebrity does not appear to have gone to his head.He seems to thrive quite well with life as a film star. But there is one thing that he does not. "I am a musician, and before I became famous I used to play several gigs a week, but I have stopped doing that.I do not have the time and since I have no desire to act on, it should be made for big deal out of it. If I were to make a small appearance, it would not be a small secret gig. It would be a great thing, people would shoot with their phones and upload it on Youtube, but I would not risk a lot of poorly filmed material with appalling sound ports where the media can put teeth into it and saw me as a musician and songwriter. I would not fix it, and then let me rather be performing. In all cases, temporary.

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Jane said...

I am not a teenager, I am way past forty but I am as obsessed with Rob Pattinson as the teenyboppers, so older people know about him just as well as teenagers. I think he is one of the best actors to come along since Elvis Presley which I am putting Robert in the same category.

Debbie said...

I live in Sweden and all I can say is that whoever translated this interview probably used Google translator or some other similar tool. That's why the translation is poor and doesn't make much sence sometimes. The Swedish version of the article sounds like it's real though! Just though you should know when reading the translated text!

Anonymous said...

This interview is obviously FAKE.

calitwichick said...
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calitwichick said...

Ok so I must say that post is full of it. The part about the hat is partially true. The LB does stand for Long Beach- that is California State University Long Beach. I seriously doubt hat came from Japan as he was wearing it in Vancouver. I being from Southern Cali can honestly say am glad to see him wearing a hat from a local university!

calitwichick said...
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behnaz said...

The part about the hat is partially true. The LB does stand for Long Beach- that is California State University Long Beach

TINK said...

Long Beach State and Cal State University Long Beach are one in the same. I went to school there and teach there ;)) Wish i knew who AJG was tho. The first time I ever saw him wear the hat was on his return trip from japan for NM promo. I never saw it in Vancouver. I know its crazy but I tracked the hat since it's where I work. I've loved seeing Rob in it bc of that fact.

calitwichick said...

I may be mistaken but I thought I saw it in vancouver. As a native Long Beacher I am with you I also track the hat! Lol thought they were 2 diiferent schools! omg take my Long Beach cred away!! lol

saim said...

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