Saturday, February 27, 2010

More Pictures of Rob at the 'Remember Me' Press Junket

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@katespencer Just interviewed Robert Pattinson. Sweet, soft spoken, and hair in full effect. The room melted. #fb
@BreanneNYC: I can officially confirm that Robert Pattinson messes with his hair even more than imagined. I know you're swooning.
@laurenkaye I've now witnessed Robert Pattinson run his hand through his hair in person. And his giggle made my heart skip a beat.
@mikeavila: I'm willing to bet my intv with Robert Pattinson was the only one he did all day where Rocky Balboa was mentioned more than Twilight.
@mikeavila: In fact, the T word was not mentioned once in my chat with him. And I'm strangely pleased with myself for that.
@mikeavila: Pattinson talked about playing a normal guy (for once) in Remember Me, boxing movies, playing a Comanche in his next film, and...
@mikeavila: ...Asked me if I culd set him up w/a nice girl who hangs out on Twitter. Any1 interested??
@ga_brielle: Saw Remember Me last night. Must see. Do not read reviews just go see it. Breathtaking. Also did roundtables today with Rob, Emilie, etc.

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Ursula said...

look at the smile on that girl's face!!!
I bet I would have sported that same smile as well, had I been sitting where she was, the smile probably would have lasted a month after that too!

Can't wait to see RM next week :)