Monday, February 22, 2010

Prince William and Robert Pattinson won the men's fashion at BAFTA

The surprise of Prince William and delight of Robert Pattinson definitely gave the two men an advantage tonight at the BAFTA awards. Dressing formal but classy the two men approached the red carpet with fans stretching their hands out to say hello in every which way.

While neither would have gotten an award as they were not nominated, there is no doubt if there was a category for fashion, they would have won. Bright and cheery the two men stopped and posed for photographers while waving and smiling to the fans.

Not running into each other formally outside on the Red carpet, it is said the two briefly exchanged formalities when inside and getting ready to be seated.

The BAFTA awards are a huge event in the UK and when royalty attends it becomes even bigger.

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Anonymous said...

Prince who? All I know is that Rob was there, anything else is unimportant. ;P

Anonymous said...

Don't count Wills out. He is one hunk too.

Aeren said...

price?? PRINCE ROB!!

behnaz said...


Unknown said...

Prince william People keep up ;)