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New Pictures of Rob and Tom at Van Morrison's Gig in Belfast - August 31st

ETA: Added video of Rob watching the concert

New 'LIFE' Clip

Or click on the screencap and watch the new clip at the source

Rob & Bérénice Bejo to attend Moet & Chandon,Chopard party on September 4th in Venice

Rob & Bérénice Bejo will attend the Moet & Chandon,Chopard party on September 4th in Venice where he'll be present.

Rob is also confirmed to attend the red carpet for 'The Childhood of a Leader' on September 5th by the official Twitter account of the Venice Film Festival.

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Sunday, August 30, 2015

New Fan Pictures of Rob in Northern Ireland - August 29th

That moment when Robert Pattinson featured in my wedding video. Weirdly Danny from the Script also crashed this same wedding

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Saturday, August 29, 2015

'LIFE' US Trailer and Release Month

Cinedigm, the US distributor of LIFE, just released the US trailer of the movie. No new scenes, but at the end of the trailer they give us a a release date. Well, a release month for the US: December!

UPDATE: According to the FilmStage 'Life' will be released on December 4th


Friday, August 28, 2015

'LIFE' premiere at Deauville Festival + New Hollywood Award on September 5

 'LIFE' Photocall and Press Conference at 5,30 PM with Anton Corbijn, Robert Pattinson and Dane DeHaan
 New Hollywood Award on September 5 at 8PM in France
 'LIFE' will premiere at Deauville Festival on September 5 at 8PM in France

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

New Project: Rob to Star in Claire Denis' Science Fiction Movie

ETA: Screendaily has just confirmed that Rob WILL star in the film and posted a statement from the producers about him.

Robert Pattinson is attached to play the lead role in Claire Denis’ upcoming English-language sci-fi film, written with British writer Zadie Smith.

Paris-based producers Alcatraz Film confirmed the casting to ScreenDaily and said: “We are very proud and very happy, as is Claire, about what will be a great collaboration. Robert is committed to the project and we are committed to him.”

Pattinson is set to play the astronaut lead role in the as-yet-untitled film, which Screen first reported on in June.

Plot details are being kept under wraps but it is known to take place beyond the solar system in a ‘future that seems like the present’.

Denis is writing the script with acclaimed novelist Smith (White Teeth) and Smith’s writer husband Nick Laird.

The project, which marks an intriguing change of direction for the White Material and Beau Travail writer-director, is based on an original idea by Denis and her regular writing partner Jean-Pol Fargeau and is due to go into production early next year.

Producers are Oliver Dungey (Miss Julie), Laurence Clerc and Olivier Thery Lapiney from Paris-based Alcatraz Films, and Claudia Steffen and Christoph Friedel of Pandora Filmproduktion in Cologne.

Alcatraz and Pandora produced Denis’ most recent feature Bastards, which debuted at Cannes in 2013.

Denis regulars Wild Bunch are handling international sales while Des Hamilton is casting the project, which is currently in advanced development and is due to shoot in studio in Cologne in late 2015/early 2016.

Collaborators on the film also include Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson, known for his Tate Modern installation The Weather Project; astrophysicist Aurélien Barrau, known for his work on black holes and cosmology; and Stuart Staples of indie band Tindersticks, who previously provided music for Denis titles including White Material and 35 Rhums.

The news was first reported on French site L’Express.

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According to the site L'Express, Rob will star in Claire Denis' first science fiction film.;

Google Translate

Robert Pattinson to film with the French director Claire Denis For his first science fiction film,

French director Claire Denis has set his sights on the Twilight star, Robert Pattinson.

[Exclusive] Star of Twilight and teen idol Robert Pattinson made some surprising choices for his career. After David Cronenberg, Werner Herzog and James Gray, he just said yes to another popular Directorfrom the United States, the French Claire Denis. For an ambitious project: the first science fiction film from the director of White Material.

She is working on the screenplay with novelist Zadie Smith (White Teeth), the astrophysicist Aurélien Barrau and the artist Olafur Eliasson. The film will be shot in England and in Cologne, Germany, at the end of the year.


Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Rob Confirmed To Attend The Childhood of a Leader Premiere at Venice Film Festival

Great news! It has been confirmed by the official Twitter account of the Venice Film Festival that Rob will attend the red carpet for The Childhood of a Leader!

You can get tickets for the screenings of the movie at the Festival HERE!

We can't wait to see Rob in Venice :)

Monday, August 24, 2015

Rob To Receive New Hollywood Award at Deauville Film Festival + New Still of Rob as Dennis Stock

The official Twitter account of the Deauville Film Festival just tweeted the best news from the festival's press conference: Rob will receive the New Hollywood Award. Congrats!
And they also treated us with a great new still of Rob as Dennis Stock :)

@DeauvilleUS: [HOMMAGE] #RobertPattinson sera présent pour recevoir Le Nouvel Hollywood #Deauville2015

We are waiting for more information on dates and confirmation that Rob will attend. A few weeks ago we made a post about the Life premiere at the Festival on September 5 (the same day as The Childhood of a Leader premiere at Venice Film Festival) but we will see :)

ETA: According to the French press Rob will attend the Festival

Sunday, August 23, 2015

New/Old Interview of Rob with WAZ-Online (Germany)


Mr. Pattinson usually you are hunted by photographers. How does it feel to play a photographer hunting stars in your new movie 'Life'?

I'm playing the young Magnum photographer Dennis Stock, who gets to know James Dean before he became an Icon- no least because of the picture of a moody James Dean in Times Square with a cigarette dangling from his mouth. Stock would have hated it if you called him a papparazzi. He thought of himself as an artist and did everything to be seen as one. That is how I see him.

Okay the times were a little more calm in the 50's. How would you react if someone approached you today and said ‘Hey Rob I want to take a couple of pictures of you’ like Stock did with Dean?

That would be impossible. l would feel like a psychopath would be after me. But it was different back then. There were no cell phones and not amateur photographers, only professionals and they had to find a magazine to publish their pictures. Today the Internet is flooded with cell phone pictures.

How do you deal with the omnipresent cell phone pictures?

A lot of it depends on my mood. lf l’m in a good mood, everything is okay. When l’m not, I do feel bothered. You have to watch out to not get strange and feel persecuted: Then you start to believe that people take pictures of you, who actually have better things to do with their day than do that.

Did you cope well with the media hype of Twilight in your early 20's?

Most of the time I was busy hiding. You are in shock. You don't really understand what is happening. My personal growth was stopped in a way. It was weird: There I was 22 and suddenly I aged 2-3 years. I was working and did a lot of movies during that time. It was madness. My first real break I had after the last Twilight movie.

Is it quieter now? No one recognizes you with your huge beard anyway.

That's true. Now! go to the grocery store without looking around. Fortunately I gained a lot of self-confidence. But l’m still cautious: you don't want drunken pictures of yourself out there.

Meanwhile do you think you were able to shake off the teen heartthrob image?

The real problem was: You are measured according to a weird criteria when you are part of gigantic expensive movies, which are so under pressure to perform. The question always is: How many millions will that movie make? it's ridiculous! You have to watch out not to get stuck in that world.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

New Details About 'The Lost City of Z' Filming Schedule - Tom Holland Joins The Cast

Tom Holland // Charlie Hunnam and Rob in Belfast with a fan

Tom Holland, the young actor who was recently cast as the new Spider-Man, has signed on to join Charlie Hunnam, Robert Pattinson and Sienna Miller in James Gray’s “Lost City of Z,” which just started filming in Belfast.

“Lost City of Z” follows Percy Fawcett, a conscripted soldier and born explorer who disappeared in the 1920s while searching for a mythical city in the Amazon jungles of Brazil that he believed he discovered on a prior expedition.

Brad Pitt, Dede Gardner and Jeremy Kleiner are producing via Plan B Entertainment along with Anthony Katagas and Dale Johnson.
MICA Entertainment is financing the film, which is based on David Grann’s bestselling book.

MadRiver Pictures’ Marc Butan is executive producing, as are MICA Entertainment’s Julie B. May and Glenn Murray. After five weeks in Belfast, production will continue in Colombia throughout September and October.

Sierra/Affinity is representing international sales of the title, with CAA overseeing domestic rights to the film.

The Wrap

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New Pictures of Rob and FKA twigs in Scotland - Aug. 15th, 2015

ETA: One more picture:

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Scans: InStyle Men - Germany
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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

New Fan Picture of Rob - August 12th

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First Trailers of LIFE

It's finally here! And it's amazing! The first trailer of LIFE!

EDIT: Same version as the French trailer (more footage, more Rob as Dennis Stock), but without the subtitles.

With French subtitles

Source | Thanks to Transmission Films and Verena for the second link | Thanks to @ArpSelection for the third link.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

New BTS Picture from Queen of the Desert

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'The Childhood of a Leader' Will Have Its World Premiere at the 72nd Venice Film Festival

Moving the post to the top because we updated with the screening schedule

Great news! 'The Childhood of a Leader' will have its World Premiere at the 72nd Venice Film Festival!

The 72nd Venice Film Festival will run from September 2-12, 2015 on Venice Lido.
Check more info at the official site.

ETA: The Festival's screening schedule has been released. You can check all dates here.

The Childhood of Leader screenings will be on:

Saturday, September 5 at 2:30pm at Sala Darsena
Sunday, September 6 at 1:15pm at Palabiennale

The movie will be at the Horizons sections of the festival. From the official site, the Orizzonti section is:
An international competition reserved to a maximum of 20 films, dedicated to films that represent the latest aesthetic and expressive trends in international cinema, with special attention to debut films, young talents who are not yet firmly established, indie features, as well as works that address specific genres and current production, with the aim of innovating and demonstrating creative originality.
The Orizzonti section contains a selection of competing short films lasting a maximum of 20 minutes, selected on the basis of criteria such as quality and originality of language and expression.
Only feature-length and short films presented as world premieres at the Venice Film Festival will be admitted.

Mona Fastvold proudly tweeted today:

We are so proud to premier The Childhood Of A Leader at the 2015 Venice film festival! Her is @bradycorbet on our first day of shooting.

We are so proud too! Congratulations to Brady, Mona, Rob and all cast and crew! We can't wait to see more from this movie

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Saturday, August 8, 2015

Friday, August 7, 2015

Rob's Interview in Jolie Magazine (Germany)

ETA: Here are the scans of Jolie Magazine - thanks to Verena via email :) and translation


Everything remains different
Bye-bye, vampire! The Briton has an appetite for new roles. But do not worry: he is as sexy as ever. Curly hair, bedroom eyes and a couple of three-day stubble on his face - as shown in the photo on the right, that’s how you know Robert Pattinson. But to the interview in Berlin, he appears with a handsome hipster beard. An attempt to escape the Twilight fans undetected? No, laughs the 29-year-old, the beard is for his new movie The Childhood of a Leader. And says: "We are just through with the shooting, but maybe I leave the beard for a while. Somehow I like it." These days,, however, Robert is on the screen as clean-shaven as in his best vampire days to see. And that even twice: on the side of Nicole Kidman in Werner Herzog’s desert epos queen of the desert and as a photographer of James Dean in Life.

Jolie: Your new films have nothing to do with the Twilight- romances, with which you got famous. How difficult was it to leave the old Edward behind?
Robert Pattinson:
Very difficult. But so I’ve expected it. My agent had then warned me that it would certainly take a decade until I could take the next step in my career. And I’m afraid he was right. Now seven years have passed, and I realize now that my life is slowly changing a bit. This frustrating feeling of having somehow lost control and just trying to stay afloat in the hustle and bustle, is thankfully gone. And not for nothing I look now for completely different films.

J:Has it been no fun at all to be a teen idol?
Yes, of course. That was all incredibly exciting. most amazing was the year between the end of filming and the theatrical release of the first Twilight film. I was able to enjoy photo shoots and travel because no one knew me then . And when it really started , even that was not only exhausting. Suddenly I came in clubs where the doorman had sent me away half a year ago . Also, I was luckily already 21, so not so young that the excitement would have derail me. And I could even drink alcohol in the US!

J: How did you manage it, not to loose the ground?
I’ve always had the feeling of having to prove myself as an actor, as a star, as a human being. This might have kept me more on the ground. Although I have often wished I had a bigger ego - then I might have been able to enjoy the bustle a bit more.

J: Do you have a lack of self-confidence?
Well, someone who voluntarily stands in front of a camera needs to have a bit self-confidence. Nevertheless, I am also shy. And a little control freak. Not the best combination for an actor, because the control has indeed the director …

J:Since the beginning of the year you’re engaged with your girlfriend FKA twigs. Can you also imagine to become a father?
Definitely, although I still do not know when. Therefore, I was so attracted by the role in LIFE. At my age, you do not get so many chances to play a father - and certainly not one who leaves his family in the lurch. Personally I imagine it different, of course.

J: Could it be difficult for a child to grow up with such a famous father?
I don’t think so .. Sure I will have a child who is totally cool and confident. He or she will probably look at me every day and think to yourself: Actually Why is this guy such a funny, quirky oddball?


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New/Old Pictures of Rob and FKA twigs - 2015

Manchester - July 2015

Old picture - Now in better quality

NYC - May 2015

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New Fan Picture of Rob - August 5th

Rob to Attend LIFE French Premiere at the 41st Deauville American Film Festival on September 5th?

According to a few French magazines/sites, Rob, Dane DeHaan and Anton Corbjin will attend the LIFE French Premiere at the 41st Deauville American Film Festival on September 5th. There's still no confirmation about this and we'll update this post when we know more.

Here's the Google translation from the articles:

From Télérama
It is also rumored that the evening of Saturday, September 5th will be warm, with the presentation of Life, Anton Corbijn, the story of the friendship between James Dean and Dennis Stock Life photographer whose pictures did much to the nascent glory comedian. Dutch filmmaker will be there and his two actors “hot”, Robert Pattinson (the photographer) who needs no introduction, and Dane DeHaan (Jimmy Dean), “it boy” and future Valérian Luc Besson. Life released in stride on 9 September

From Paris Match
Rooooooooooooooobert. If madness “Twilight” saga in which he played the vampire Edward Cullen is gradually subsided, the English actor Robert Pattinson always moves crowds. Fans will discover on 5 September in Deauville, in “Life” Anton Corbijn. The film will be presented at the 41st Deauville Film Festival, in the presence of Robert Pattinson, therefore, but also the filmmaker and actor Dane DeHaan (“Chronicle”), which will soon end up in “Valerian” Luc Besson. Presented at the last Berlin Film Festival, “Life” tells the story of friendship between the photographer Dennis Stock (Robert Pattinson) and actor James Dean (Dane DeHaan). “Life” will be released on 9 September.

The festival runs from September 5th till September 14th

Via Thinking of Rob

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Harmony Korine confirms Rob for 'The Trap'. Shooting to start in January

Taking in over six times its budget at the worldwide box-office a few years ago, Spring Breakers, like most of Harmony Korine‘s films, was a love-it-or-hate-it experience, but regardless of how one felt, it certainly brought new attention to the director. For those interested about his career and thoughts on filmmaking, he recently sat down with Marc Maron for a 1.5-hour discussion.

In the conversation, Korine discussed the initial images that led to Spring Breakers, how he helped formulate James Franco‘s character, his current distaste for New York City (as well as his formative years there at NYU), and how Kids came about and Larry Clark discovering him. He also touched on his next feature The Trap, which we haven’t heard an update on since early this year. He confirmed the casting of Benicio Del Toro and Idris Elba (who are the two leads) as well as Robert Pattinson and Al Pacino, with production kicking off in January.

Set in the world of Miami music, it follows Del Toro’s character who gets locked up for a robbery involving Elba’s character and nearly 15 years later is back for revenge. Korine described it as “a complete sensory bombardment,” adding “the way I feel about storytelling now is that it’s more like liquid. It has to do more with energy.” He confirms there’s still a story to be told, saying it’s a “super propulsive, pretty highly violent revenge movie.” 


New 'LIFE' UK Poster in HQ and Confirmed Released Date

Click for the HQ poster

Thanks to @Film4