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New Rob and David Cronenberg interview with Filmstarts (Berlin Press Junket)

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New Rob and Cronenberg Interview With Movie Pilot (Berlin Press Junket)

Starts at 0:33 (Rob's interview starts at 0:54)

Thanks to @melcitron

ETA: Another video from the Movie Pilot interview. Rob's interview starts at 0:42 (some parts of the interview are in the first video too). He talks about Mission: Blacklist at 2:18.


MyAnna Buring talks about Rob, Kristen and Breaking Dawn - Part 2

Twilight's MyAnna Buring has said watching co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart deal with the spotlight has made her realise fame isn't always what it's cracked up to be.

Twilight's MyAnna Buring has said watching co-stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart deal with the spotlight has made her realise fame isn't always what it's cracked up to be.

The 27-year-old Swedish actress - who plays vampire Tanya in Breaking Dawn Parts 1 and 2 - is impressed with the way the actors, who are a real life couple, deal with the attention, but is pleased she doesn't get as much.

MyAnna said: "I've only had lovely experiences with fans but I think it must be crazy for the main group.

"They handle it with amazing grace, but if people actually experienced it I think they would think again about how cool it is, because it can be really tough."

The Kill List actress revealed working on the final instalment of the hit vampire franchise had been really exciting.

She said: "It's going to be big. Filming the final scenes was so epic. All the original characters and all the new vampires were there, it was just huge.

"One hundred actors on one set creates quite a special atmosphere, and you got a sense of what you were part of."

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'Bel Ami' US DVD Cover and Release Date

Release Date: August 7
According to the source, there's also a behind the scenes featurette in the DVD.
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New Rob interview from Cannes with W Radio (Colombia)

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A Couple of New Pictures of Rob and Kristen at the OTR Afterparty in Cannes

These two pictures look new to me. Thanks to @an1992an for the pictures.

The rest of the pictures of Rob and Kristen at the On The Road afterparty were posted HERE. Relive the cuteness :)

New Rob Audio Interview from the Berlin Press Junket

Rob talks about getting inspiration from the serial killer, Jeffrey Dahmer for Eric's character.

Tracey Heggins (Senna in BD2) Talks About Working With Rob and Kristen

CB: The film’s director, Bill Condon, said it brought out a very paternal and motherly part of Rob and Kristen on set —aside from their swearing! Would you agree?
TH: Yes, Mackenzie had a swear dish, so each swear was per dollar. Some people said, “I’ll give you 20 dollars now before we even start working.” So, she whooped us all into shape with our dirty mouths.

CB: What was it like working with stars like Robert and Kristen?
TH: It was good because they were both really down to earth. It’s very scary to go off on a set with huge names. I mean, when you are number one on IMDB, it’s a little intimidating. But they were just cool, and Kristen was like a tomboy and was so down to earth. Rob was the same way. He actually has this almost self-deprecating, ‘Oh, did I just say that?’ And I understand why he did that because it made everyone else feel so comfortable. So thank you, Robert!

CB: What was it like filming the last scene of the series? Were there any tears on set?
TH: Yes, especially when we went back to re-shoot. It was really like, ‘This is over now.’ That was really rough. You feel like a void when it’s all done. No matter how much is in the movie or not in the movie, we spent a lot of time together. Everyone from all the behind-the-scenes people and wardrobe, etc. make a set happen. I’ll be honest: we all got a little misty — even Rob and Kristen.


'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Panel at Comic Con Time Revealed

From Comic Con Official Site
Thursday, July 12

12:45-1:45 PM PST (3:45-4:45 PM EST) The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 2
— Summit Entertainment presents a sneak peek at the highly anticipated conclusion of The Twilight Saga films. This is a must-see for fans interested in the story's final chapter. You will be shown exclusive footage from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn-Part 2 and be treated to a cast and filmmaker Q&A session providing details on the epic finale. Hall H

New Rob and David Cronenberg Interview With West Art Magazine - Berlin Press Junket

New interview from the Berlin Press Junket. It's dubbed but you can hear most of what Rob and David say.

Rob's interview at 1:53, 4:19 and 5:36; Cronenberg's interview at 3:18, 4:50 and 6:00.
Youtube or watch at the source

Source | Thanks to Sonja for the heads up :) | Thanks to Kris for better quality youtube video

Pictures from the 'Cosmopolis' Promo Shoot Now Untagged

Pictures from the Cosmopolis promo shoot without the magazine tags (they were posted with the tags here and here)

The other picture untagged was posted here

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Declan Donnellan and Nick Ormerod talk about Rob and Bel Ami

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New/Old Fan Pictures Of Rob In London On His Birthday - May 13th, 2012

A couple of the fan pictures were posted in LQ here.

To see pictures of Sam, Marcus, Tom, Sienna, Charlize and her fan report (in Italian) - click here

New Rob Interview from the Cosmopolis Berlin Premiere and Press Junket

Rob's interview at 1:22 and 2:09. Cronenberg's interview at 2:34

Source | Thanks to @Gossipgyal for the link and Youtube

New Pictures and Videos of Rob in LA Last Night - June 26th

ETA: Added more pictures. Videos at the bottom of the post

Rob was at the after party for Katy Perry's 'Part of Me' movie premiere

Rob Talks Cosmopolis with 'Firenze - Made in Tuscany' - Interview from Cannes

Added HQ scans at the bottom of the post.

The interview is from meeting with the press in Cannes. Most questions we've seen already published in other sites/magazines, but there are a few new quotes, so here it is. The journalist is the same that asks Rob to say 'Ciao Firenze' at the end of this video.

Thanks to RobertPattinsonMoms for the translation and the scans

At Cannes, when we meet him, Robert Pattinson is serene, sipping a Schweppes, eating a sandwich. And he listens to David Cronenberg as if he was a holy man, a father, a guru. Cronenberg is the director of his latest film, Cosmopolis. A contemporary nightmare, in which Pattinson plays a financial wizard, one of those who earn millions of dollars with one click. Crosses, uncaring, a Manhattan in flames, with the signs of a world - ours - that collapses, closed in the unbreakable casing of his limousine. After all, is a perfect Limousine also its reputation. His success , overwhelming, came after New Moon, shot also in Tuscany, from the Twilight Saga. Pattinson became immediately the "wet dream" of millions of little girls. And now, the twenty-six years guy, must work hard to prove that he is a real actor,
not a vampire that has sucked the success from one film.

"Twilight was a hiccup for him," says David Cronenberg, the encounter with the press, on the terrace of a hotel in Cannes. "Robert is an amazing actor, who before that film had already did challenging movies. He became popular against his will."

Twilight was also the film that made Pattinson explore Tuscany. The most beautiful Tuscany, Montepulciano and the Val d'Orcia. And in Montepulciano, in fact, that in 2009 Pattinson did New Moon, the second film in the Twilight saga. To tell the truth, those scenes in the novel took place in Volterra, not too many miles away. But the production found in Montepulciano a most impressive set - a town that had been set of the international film Dream of a midsummer night with Kevin Kline, and some scenes of Andrej Tarkovsky Nostalgia and The English Patient by Anthony Minghella. And in Montepulciano flashed the first real kiss, outside the set, between Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, Bella (Beautiful her name means and beautiful she is too) in the movie. A love story that still continues.

At Cannes Pattinson skated over the subject, Kristen Stewart is there, with another film, On the Road by Walter Salles. And he says diplomatically: "Yes, I saw the film, it is curious because there is a lot of people I know in it..."

His popularity gives him security? And having played the role in Cosmopolis?
Rob: Not at all! Before shooting a movie, I feel like I was going to have a heart attack. And then, I'm an insecure perennial. For days, I stayed at the hotel asking myself how I should play the character, fearing the most complete failure, until David came to visit me, the weekend before the first take.

And what did Cronenberg say to you?
Rob: He simply said : don't worry. He said: do not think about anything, just pronounce the words you have learned, and everything will be fine. And basically, he was right.

How much you feel the responsibility of a role before you start filming?
Rob: Very much, I really love the words that I have to say , I feel the rhythm of the character. Sometimes as actors, we think we are both good actors and 'improve' a screenplay. Well, I think that's the moment when we're stupid. There's just nothing to improve, in a screenplay.

Cosmopolis discusses finance. It 'a world that you know, finance, courageous investments?
Rob: No, for me finance makes no sense! "He laughs. "I never understood anything, and I'll never understand anything about it.

How hard is it to live if you are Robert Pattinson?
Rob: I know I'm privileged, but I also know that there are problems even for someone like me. For example, to combine work and private life is very difficult. I couldn't easily go out and have fun without creating problems for me and others. But I do not mind this, I was never a social person, in any case. And then, all this mythology, I
know it's fake, almost everyone who think I am a Myth will be bored after two hours with me!

Cronenberg , instead, is not bored to stay with him. Between the two there was quite a " love at first sight". David seems to have found the ideal interpreter, Robert, and for him, David is a sort of spirit guide who will accompany him out of the stagnant sea of easy teenager glory. And together, they willmake another movie:

"Yes, we will do another movie together, although I don't know when we will start shooting," says Robert.

And at the end of the meeting, we ask the obvious, we ask to say hrllo to his fans. Since you shot a movie in Tuscany and you had lived in Tuscany, could say hello to our magazine?

Rob: Yes sure , Ciao Firenze (Hi, Florence)! - Says, laughing.

To tell the truth he says "ciau Firèunzi", but the effect is irresistible.

New 'Cosmopolis' HQ Images + Details From The Visual Effects

James Cooper discussed a few of the visual effects on Cosmopolis and shared some HQ images of the movie with The Art of VFX

You can read his full interview and check more images (no Rob) here - very interesting.

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New Picture From the 'Cosmopolis' Berlin Press Junket + New Interview

Google Translate

Berlin. In 'Twilight' - where he played a vampire teen star, Robert Pattinson (26) now plays in 'Cosmopolis' (starting July 5th in theaters) a sex-obsessed Yuppie.

B: Have you ever been poor?
Rob: Oh, yes. Before I filmed 'Twilight' I've been poor. If you're young it doesn't really matter.

B: And now?
Rob: It's crazy, even though I now have much money, I live the same life as before. Nevertheless, it cost me a lot of coal. It's damn expensive to be normal.

B: Why?
Rob: Before, I set off with 25€ and it was enough for the whole night in the club. Today I give loosely 12,000 in one night! And I can not just go shopping. I have to pay people for the do it for me ...

Full scan

Bild is a German tabloid so take that as you will.

Thanks to @NewmoonVampire1 for the scan.

'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Panel at Comic Con on July 12th

From Summit:

We are happy to announce that THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN – PART 2 will be the opening panel in Hall H at ComicCon® International in San Diego on Thursday, July 12, 2012. Summit Entertainment will present a sneak peek at the highly anticipated conclusion of The Twilight Saga films. This is a must-see for fans interested in the story’s final chapter, who will be shown exclusive footage from THE TWILIGHT SAGA BREAKING DAWN – PART 2 and treated to a cast and filmmaker Q&A session providing details on the epic finale.

In addition to the panel, BREAKING DAWN – PART 2 will also be present at the Summit Entertainment booth on the convention floor. Those who stop by will have the chance to attend autograph signings, participate in contests and collect free giveaways all weekend long.


New Rob and David Croenberg Portraits From Berlin - May 31st

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New Pictures of Rob and Kristen at a Wedding - June 23rd

ETA: Added tons of new pictures (look for the 'ETAs' on the post - Rob and Zac Efron and pictures with Rob in the background) + report from People Magazine.

Rob and Kristen at a wedding New Jersey for producer Kevin Turen (June 23rd).

New Rob Interview From Berlin - Talks Cosmopolis, Eric Packer, Fans, Success and More

It's Thursday, May 31th in Berlin, and, after having seen 'Cosmopolis' at a media screening in the morning, I am meeting Robert Pattinson for an interview in the afternoon.
They have put us in a dark but cozy room on the ground floor of a fancy Berlin hotel. Robert is dressed in a casual black T-Shirt an Jeans, seated right in front of a window and sipping some coke. Or Diet Coke. I didn't ask. He is also chewing a tooth pick the entire time, as he is trying to quit smoking.

Let me just say that he was kind, relaxed and very approachable. He was laughing a lot and seemed happy to be promoting the film.

Hey Rob, it's good to meet you. How are you?
Good, good, thanks.

How do you like Berlin?
(He laughs) I love it, but it's so annoying. Every time it's at the beginning or the end of the tour. Every time I feel like I am only here for one single day, so I never really get to see it.

And now they put you in a really dark room for the interviews, didn't they?
And there's people standing right outside the windows (laughs).. a bit weird.

Let's talk about Cosmopolis. In the scenes in the limo, the camera seems to always be really close to you and focused on your face. Was that difficult?
It's strange because you could remove the pieces of the limo, but it was still the same size as a normal limo. And the camera was on a crane and literally really close to my face. It would just move by remote control, like a robot. And there was no one else in the car, which was weird. You get a completely new relationship with the camera. It's like you're more and less aware of it at the same time. It's weird because there is no one actually behind the camera. It's a totally different aspect to shooting.

And how was it for you to play such a dark character after 'Twilight'?
The very first thing I shot, I wanted it to be a no statement thing, the suit, the hair, everything. It's like: Your clothes don't say anything, your car doesn't say anything. Nothing says anything. And YOU don't say anything and it's one of the scariest things I've ever done. I was turning around to Jay Baruchel in the first scene and you realize your face isn't doing anything, you have no eyes (because of the dark sunglasses). It's nerve racking.

A Few New Pictures of Rob and Kristen Leaving The Cosmopolis After Party in Cannes

Rob talks 'Cosmopolis', 'Twilight', Kristen and more with Sonntagszeitung (Switzerland)

Translation thanks to Robsteners

The vampire, that’s all past now. Around Christmas though, the last long-completed “Twilight” movie will hit the cinema, however, the British Robert Pattinson, 26, doesn’t play a bloodsucker anymore. In “Cosmopolis” he’s a barracuda who lets himself chauffeur in a stretched limo around Manhattan. The movie, based on the novel by Don DeLillo, is directed by the master director David Cronenberg. Therewith Pattinson has definitely arrived in the cinema of the big ones. Or not? He shows up for the interview on deck of a luxury hotel in Cannes with a pink lollipop.

Does it taste good, Mr Pattinson?
Oh I like these. Does it bother you when I suck?

No. In a French mag it was written: Robert Pattinson was a star, now he’s an actor. Do you see this in the same way?
Crazy how a thing like that works. Already when the trailer of “Cosmopolis” came out, I read: Now he’s a true actor. I beg you, that trailer lasts 30 seconds, and I don’t even say a word. Who wants to judge that? But it depends on the appearance.

Until now you’ve been the biggest teenager star and not an actor.
Seems like. My career has actually started with “Twilight” in the first place, the biggest thing one can image. When you get big out of nowhere, many think of it being a wrong career. You’d have to work your way up first.

Will you miss “Twilight”?
Acting wise, no, as my vampire doesn’t go through such a huge process. He cannot die, he cannot hurt himself. It’s difficult to develop new ideas. However…

I owe those films everything. Before “Twilight“ I wanted to quit acting. My career didn’t really get on.

Is it true that you were fired during a production of the Royal Court Theatre?
Yes, during “The Woman Before”. Actually I still don’t know why. But afterwards seen it wasn’t that bad at all. Thus the people took notice of me. “What a rebel” they suddenly said.

Tom Riley took over your part back then...
...which really bothered me: At the same time, a secondary role in a film with Juliette Binoche was cast and I really wanted to get it. But Tom Riley got that role too. It was crazy though: There was a review of that film with my name in it and it said that I was pretty good. The reviewer confused us because of the theatre story.

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More Pictures of Rob out in LA on June 20th

More pictures from that night were posted here.

New Pictures and Video of Rob and Kristen in LA Last Night - June 21

ETA: Added tons of more HQ/Untagged pictures and video at the bottom of the post. Check the "ETAs" in the post for more new pictures

Rob and Kristen leaving Jenny Lewis' concert at The Largo in LA last night.

HQ/Untagged thanks to Pattinsonlife

New Rob Portraits From Cannes

One of these portraits was posted here large and untagged.

New Rob interview from Cannes with Star Extreme

Thanks to @melcitron

'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Stills Now HQ/Untagged

The still from EW, now HQ/untagged. Click for HQ

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Rob Talks Cosmopolis on XFM 'Breakfast Show with Danny Wallace'

Thanks to @Gossipgyal for the audio. Picture was posted here a few weeks ago.

New 'Cosmopolis' B-Roll Clip

Youtube thanks to @veronicaspuffy or watch at the source

Thanks to Jane of cosmopolisfan for the heads up!

7 New UHQ 'Cosmopolis' Stills

New HQ Pictures of Rob at El Rey in LA Last Night - June 20

Leaving El Rey after attending Metric's concert

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Rob and Cronenberg on 'The Culture Show'

Just Rob's interview - Thanks to @KStewartUK

Cronenberg's interview (part of Rob's interview posted on the previous video too) - Thanks to @veronicaspuffy

New Rob Interview With Télé Câble SAT Magazine (France)

Thanks to rpattzrobertpattinson for the scans

Bel Ami is different from the Twilight movies that made you an international star. Why this movie?
Rob: I forced myself from the beginning to do different movies between each Twilight films because it made me feel better to become a normal guy again with no excessive makeup or contact lenses. That's why I wanted to do Bel Ami. I knew of Maupassant's novel because I love French litterature. The only regret I have is that we filmed in Hungary instead of Paris.

Why didn't you film in France?
Rob: It's very difficult to find the Paris from Guy de Maupassant in the French capital today. Whereas there's hundreds of streets in Budapest that look like Paris from the 19th century. But I hope to film in France soon.

Full 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Teaser Trailer

Official 1080p HD version

Or watch at Yahoo


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Anthony Mackie Talks About Rob "That’s My Homeboy"

Mackie tell VH1, “Rob Pattinson, he’s a good friend of mine. We hang out together and play golf together and drink in the pubs. That’s my homeboy.” As for their golfing threads? Anthony just scored a new Puma outfit and says Rob wears “slacks with a nice polo.” What we wouldn’t give to see these two palling around on the green!


New Rob Interview with M Magazine (Austria)

Thanks to @RKbubbles for the scans and translation


M: Robert, with Bel Ami you have already tried to emancipate yourself from Twilight. Now you have Cosmopolis. Aren't you scared you're gonna lose a lot of fans?
Rob: No because I always try to take really interesting parts that my fans could like as well. For me, doing small, interesting movies is a really great option to have a career after Twilight.

M: And what remains from Twilight?
Rob: What remains is the reassurance that we created a rememberable movie series. I don't really understand how the character Edward got so popular. The majority says, "He's just so sexy!". Others say, "It's the way he loves Bella. That one I can understand more. With time the movies got more and more romantic as well because there were so many conflicts in the story and because Bella and Edward had to fight for their love.

M: Do you feel a lot of pressure to be successful whenever you take on a new part?
Rob: While shooting I don't feel any kind of pressure really but it's really strange that everyone knows what you do and say. You really have to be careful not to hurt anyone and not to say anything wrong.

M: You and Kristen Stewart can never really escape the media... Everyone's always takling about your "relationship"...
Rob: Like I said, it's just important to pay attention to what you do and say when you're in the public eye. Now if I show up with a girl somewhere it's immediatly suggested we're dating. Even when I show up with a guy somewhere.

M: Will you be working together in the future?
Rob: Kristen and I are trying to write a script right now because she has an instinct for good stories. Also I've been throwing around ideas for some short movies that I wanna do as a director sometime. It's gonna be a while tho till I'm there because first I have to learn from all the amazing directors I get to work with. That interests me a lot.

M: What made you want to play in "Cosmopolis"?
Rob: I thought the topic was really interesting. I locked myself up in my hotel room for two weeks and learned the text. It shouldn't be changed because it was based on a novel by Don DeLillo. I thought that was really nice because for me it felt like I was singing a song in front of the camera. At the same time, sometimes it felt like we were shooting a documentary because as we were shooting the scene with the protests, the evening news reported about the actual protests of the Occupy-Wall-Street-Movement.

Breaking Dawn part 2 - 10 seconds teaser trailer


New Interview from cannes with Novam - David Cronenberg talks about working with Rob

source | via

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'Breaking Dawn - Part 2' Trailer To Debut This Wednesday - Sneak Peek Tomorrow

Summit has just announced that a new The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 trailer will arrive in just two days.

A sneak peek will be released tomorrow (Tuesday) at 8:30 a.m. ET. The full trailer hits Wednesday at 8:30 a.m. ET.


Press Release

To help fans worldwide celebrate Edward Cullen's 111th birthday on June 20, 2012, Summit Entertainment, a LIONSGATE® LGF +0.07% company, will debut an exciting new teaser trailer for the highly anticipated THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN - PART 2.

A 10-second sneak peek of the teaser trailer will be available for download via at 5:30 AM PDT/8:30 AM EDT on Tuesday, June 19, 2012.

Following the release of the first-look, the full teaser trailer will be made available for download on Wednesday, June 20, 2012 at 5:30 AM PDT/8:30 AM EDT via

Media can download all materials at #/campaign/breaking-dawn/. First time visitors to the site will have to register to gain access and registration may be done in advance.

The next and final chapter in THE TWILIGHT SAGA, THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN - PART 2 will arrive in theatres on November 16, 2012. Academy Award® winner Bill Condon directed both the first and second part of the two-part finale starring Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner. The film, based on the fourth novel in author Stephenie Meyer's "Twilight" series, was written by Melissa Rosenberg with Wyck Godfrey, Karen Rosenfelt and Stephenie Meyer producing.

Read the full press release at the source via @Gossipgyal