Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Rob Talks Kristen and Berlin With ZDF - Berlin Press Junket

Youtube thanks to @veronicaspuffy or watch at the source. Dubbed, but you can hear some of the things he says
ETA: Added partial translation under the video

Rob: it’s nice to see the fans are still excited 5 years after the first twilight movie, even though I was just here two months ago and they’re still excited so it’s good.


Rob: (about Kristen’s performance in OTR) “yeah, no she’s doing amazing in Snow White as well” …. (would he like to work with Kristen again) “I mean I’d love to, yeah. I mean I don’t know soon, it’s like..but uh, yeah I think she’s great.”


Rob: ‘I love Berlin, I came here on holiday as a kid. They were the best. I’d love to actually be here for some time’

Thanks to ermynee_wazlib at Pattinsonlife | Translation: 1 | 2

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