Sunday, June 10, 2012

Compilation of New Fan Pictures From Toronto - More Than 120 Pictures

Since things are a little calmer now, we're going to start to post fanpics compilation posts with all the new pictures we found and haven't posted yet.

Starting with Toronto - more than 120 pictures - videos at the bottom

Amazing HQ fan pictures thanks to @MooeyRae

Fan pictures thanks to @RoseyEdeh, @y_rollam/Via and source

Fan pictures from outside and inside the theater thanks to Vik :)

Great fan pictures from inside the theater thanks to @leaf_chick/Via/Via

Small fan pictures thanks to Twilightish/Via

Videos - from the Q&A (if you missed, videos of the full Q&A were posted here

Thanks to TheLeafchick/Via

Thanks to Vik :)

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