Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Rob Interview with M Magazine (Austria)

Thanks to @RKbubbles for the scans and translation


M: Robert, with Bel Ami you have already tried to emancipate yourself from Twilight. Now you have Cosmopolis. Aren't you scared you're gonna lose a lot of fans?
Rob: No because I always try to take really interesting parts that my fans could like as well. For me, doing small, interesting movies is a really great option to have a career after Twilight.

M: And what remains from Twilight?
Rob: What remains is the reassurance that we created a rememberable movie series. I don't really understand how the character Edward got so popular. The majority says, "He's just so sexy!". Others say, "It's the way he loves Bella. That one I can understand more. With time the movies got more and more romantic as well because there were so many conflicts in the story and because Bella and Edward had to fight for their love.

M: Do you feel a lot of pressure to be successful whenever you take on a new part?
Rob: While shooting I don't feel any kind of pressure really but it's really strange that everyone knows what you do and say. You really have to be careful not to hurt anyone and not to say anything wrong.

M: You and Kristen Stewart can never really escape the media... Everyone's always takling about your "relationship"...
Rob: Like I said, it's just important to pay attention to what you do and say when you're in the public eye. Now if I show up with a girl somewhere it's immediatly suggested we're dating. Even when I show up with a guy somewhere.

M: Will you be working together in the future?
Rob: Kristen and I are trying to write a script right now because she has an instinct for good stories. Also I've been throwing around ideas for some short movies that I wanna do as a director sometime. It's gonna be a while tho till I'm there because first I have to learn from all the amazing directors I get to work with. That interests me a lot.

M: What made you want to play in "Cosmopolis"?
Rob: I thought the topic was really interesting. I locked myself up in my hotel room for two weeks and learned the text. It shouldn't be changed because it was based on a novel by Don DeLillo. I thought that was really nice because for me it felt like I was singing a song in front of the camera. At the same time, sometimes it felt like we were shooting a documentary because as we were shooting the scene with the protests, the evening news reported about the actual protests of the Occupy-Wall-Street-Movement.

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