Thursday, June 14, 2012

David Cronenberg talks about Rob with Francine Stock 'The Film Programme' & France Inter

David talks about casting Rob and his fans with Francine Stock 'The Film Programme' at 3:50

David talks about Rob in Cosmopolis with France Inter at 11:20 and 28:58

11:12 to 12:55: Is it true, David Cronenberg, that during the shooting of Cosmopolis, you were saying to Robert Pattinson - who's the lead: "If you understand anything to what we're doing, we're lost."

David: I did say that, I said, because he said: 'I have no idea what I'm doing with this movie and what this character is.' And I said: "But you are doing everything perfectly correct." And therefore, it would be boring and it would lack spontaneity , it would lack inventiveness, if you knew before you made the film everything you need to do in the film. Also, I've said many times that you make the film to understand why you wanted to make the film. You don't even know why you wanna do this film. And I was explaining to him, because he's a young actor and he did not have the experience, that they are many ways to understand something. It's not always a sort of logical intellectual way of understanding. It's more intuitive, it's visceral. And he has wonderful intiution and mainly when I said that, I was really saying to him: "Trust your intuition, you really have wonderful acting intuitions, you must trust them."

At 28:24 to 28:58 David: Both DeLillo and Burroughs have wonderful, very funny, very strange, very bizarre dilaogue, and wonderful to hear actors speak. So I'm sure I have absorbed Burroughs from a very early age. The rythym of their speech is very american, I'm Canadian and so when I hear american speech from DeLillo, from Burroughs it's foreign to me, it's foreign dialogue. Canadians don't speak that way. So just as Robert Pattinson, who is English, has to do an American accent when he is in the movie, I too as a writer and a director, I am actually doing an american accent.

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Iluvthemovies said...

It is amazing how intutitive and spot on he is about Robert's fans. I know personally, I want him to be more than Edward Cullen, I love that Cronenberg took the chance of putting him in his film. It seems to have been perfect symmetry.