Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New Pictures and Videos of Rob in LA Last Night - June 26th

ETA: Added more pictures. Videos at the bottom of the post

Rob was at the after party for Katy Perry's 'Part of Me' movie premiere

HQ/Untagged thanks to Pattinsonlife

MQ/Untagged thanks to Elle

Fan Picture


First picture | Videos via @Alice_InTwiLand and @AdeleStew | Youtube thanks to @veronicaspuffy


Mandy said...

Are you really going to bash Rob on a Rob blog? Go troll someone else, lunatic. I'll just keep deleting your comments

Feather said...

agness: you hope Rob's is caught cheating? What kind of fan are you? Your hateful statement says more about you than it does about Rob.

nickie said...

im so glad to see he's out having fun, i wish kristen could've gone too but she has a job to do with Balenciaga. I can't wait until they go out again :')

Anonymous said...

PLEASE, Can Someome Re-Upload this Picture (
I can´t Open it completely! :-(

twilightnan said...

Poor Rob nearly got left behind amongst those packs of paparazzis,they shut the door of the van before Rob and Kristen's friend Shannon got inside! least Rob and the papz saw the funny side of it! was crazy with Justin B darting so fast like a bolt of lightning to get inside his Merc van,..Rob looking as gorgeous and dignified's great to see him out to support his friend Katy Perry on the premiere of her film..*waves* to all the favs..and Thank you RPL ladies!

katy said...

SO cute how Rob laughs about the whole situation, I mean about bodyguards shuting the door...LOVE his giggle!! And oh my, how incredibly deliciously handsome he looks under that cap?!

nik said...

Why Rob hanging out with Justin Bieber, Katy Perry and all those stupid bitches in this “party bus”?

Mand said...

Er I think Rob is allowed to have female friends. He has known Shannon and Katy for years. I'm sure Kristen isn't a jealous person like you are painting yourself. Kristen has been out with them too.