Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Much Music Reviews 'Remember Me'

Can’t wait until March 12th to see Robert Pattinson’s new film? Fret not, Twihards, because we’ve got the scoop. We had a chance to attend a preview screening of Remember Me yesterday and can safely say that it will please existing Pattinson fans while – dare we say it – also introduce him to a whole new audience.

This is actually the second film Pattinson has released since the Twilight phenomenon made him one of Hollywood’s hottest stars. The actor starred as artist Salvador Dali in the limited release, Little Ashes, last year. Remember Me, tells the story of two people who meet through an unusual twist of fate and develop a relationship that may be threatened by some deep-rooted secrets.

So what can fans expect from the actor in Remember Me? There’s R-Patz in a T-shirt and jeans, R-Patz getting wet in the shower and R-Patz – gasp! – shirtless in bed. He also gets hot and heavy with co-star (and rumoured summer fling) Emilie De Ravin, but don’t get the wrong idea; the movie definitely showcases Pattinson’s acting chops, rather than his good looks and charm. His character, Tyler, is an impulsive and rebellious college student struggling to deal with a death in the family and to re-start his life. De Ravin (best known as Claire on Lost), plays the young stranger who tries to help him cope, oblivious to the bonds that connect the two. It’s a mature and dramatic departure for both actors, which may surprise some of their younger fans.

This isn’t a typical love story either, so don’t expect a Dear John-like weeper. And be warned – the ending is a stunner. We won’t spoil it for you here, but suffice to say, it will have you gasping in disbelief.

Still not convinced? Here’s another incentive for you to catch the new flick: the trailer for Eclipse will premiere just before the film. He may be trying to establish himself as more than just a one-hit wonder, but it seems like Pattinson can’t shake the Twilight thing too far away just yet.

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Juliet4Rob said...

Loving the positive reviews for Remember Me!! This movie will amaze us all and will solidify Robert Pattinson as a leading man. Can't even put into words how extremely happy I am right now.
March 12th where are you?!

Unknown said...

Tyler dies in the world trade center attack at the end.

glinda said...

Thank you Kim for ruining the ending for everyone. You may have also helped hurt the box office success of the film which will only hurt Rob's career. I will still see the film at the theater but a lot of people won't once they know the ending.