Sunday, February 28, 2010

'Remember Me' Press Junket - Day 2


A few more from Day 1:

@rosamund_: Today, in a hotel room, RPattz told me he wants a long, happy marriage like his parents (lovely moment ruined by three watching publicists).
@katespencer: 1 more RPattz moment:joked that he researched NYC by going 2 a bar.Made entire room laugh.Also said he got used 2 pap/fan mobs. #rememberme

Day 2:

@patrickstoner: I asked Rob Pattinson if he ad trouble finding the insecurity needed for role; he said, "Oh, Pat, I think I'm 95 % insecure." #r-patz
@patrickstoner: Rob Pattinson's costar (Remember Me), Emily de Raven, says the paparzzi were so intrusive on location that they created a shell around them
@iamBenLyons: Thank you all for the Rob Pattinson questions. Great stuff, I really appreciate it. Be sure to watch @THEDAILY10 tomorrow to see the intvw
@iamBenLyons: @Rob_Tyler_RM yeah I have interviewed him many times over the years...nice dude and seems to handle the "crazy" part of his job just fine...
@mannymovies: Had great interviews with REMEMBER ME folks...Robert Pattinson is a sweetheart...for risk of sounding like a tween but he's adorable...soft hands :) Pierce Brosnan is also very sweet...and the film is a love story with far deeper consequences...I can't reveal the all important plot twist...I don't want to ruin it for y'all
@patrickstoner: Brosnan says the conflict scenes with Pattinson in Remember Me were carefully pre-prepared so they could do them in short takes. #r-patz
@stayfabulous: Robert was wearing a white t-shirt, jeans ,his hair was perfectly tousled and he kept running his hands thru it during the interview..lovely
@colliderfrosty: At the remember me junket. Just got something rob fans will like. Getting ready to post before interviews
@patrickstoner: Rob says it took a while to blank out the constant exposure but he's now learned the mental trick and can ignore the madness. #r-patz
@andreamineocnn: R #Patz just walked by his hair was sticking straight up - looked good
@stayfabulous: When I asked Robert Pattinson about doing double duty as star and exec producer of #RememberMe & if he's a "good boss". He said...
@stayfabulous: He laughed (adorable) ran fingers thru his hair (dreamy) and said..."He didn't fancy himself a proper boss".still laughing (still adorable)
@SharonFJohnson: I just interviewed Robert Pattinson for "Remember Me." He was a fantastic interview. Once he knew cared about the film he gave me so much!
@SharonFJohnson: I just intv'd Robert Pattinson 4 "Remember Me." He's a fantastic intv. Once he knew I cared about the film he gave me all needed. Nice guy!
@SharonFJohnson: He is very real, smart and yes handsome. RT @jvanr1708: @SharonFJohnson can you please tell me if he is more breathe taking in person?
@colliderfrosty: Still doing interviews. Will make sure clips are running good soon. Just spoke to rob. Got some good questions in. Fans will like.
@andreamineocnn: Just out R#Patz so sweet says he hasn't seen any of 'Eclipse' but will be different b/c of director
@andreamineocnn: R #Patz says there are places he can go to sort of hide. Says he's happy less stress this year
@andreamineocnn: R #Patz was wearing a white T & jeans kept running his hands thru his hair it would stick up very cute
@andreamineocnn: asked R #Patz : tell me something about yourself that fans don't know. He couldn't.
@andreamineocnn: #Patz says really doesn't watch his own work only watched F Moon b/c he wasn't in it alot
@andreamineocnn: Before intvu #Patz asked me how I was dealing with all the New York snow. Sweet
@iamBenLyons: Rob told me if he could visit any country in the world that he hasn't been to, it would be Fiji...and that he reads his fan mail!
@SharonFJohnson: Ah, laid back but inquisitve & thoughtful. RT @TwiSagaReality: @SharonFJohnson haha I meant is he more laid or always figuring things out.
@kelligillespie:Robert Pattinson charming as ever & candid about family, fame & acting. More from interview & video in coming week
@kelligillespie: "Remember Me" filmmakers say hundreds of fans watching rpattz make movie were more respectful than paparazzi!
@andreamineocnn: #Patz stood up to shake my hand when I walked in the room to interview him. This rarely happens. Tweeted F Moon - was a bit busy 'New Moon'.
@HotTopicsTV: Rob was super nice as expected... Although it looked like he hasn't washed his hair in days. Haha
@HotTopicsTV: Rob said he doesn't know how people like JLo do it.
@ga_brielle: He is adorable. Also incredibly charming!
@ga_brielle: Rob smelled amazing. lol the BO rumors are false.
@ga_brielle: Fave Rob moment: He said he did New York accent research for RM by going to local bars. Had the entire room cracking up..including him!
@ga_brielle: I agree. Rob was very charming and hilarious. :
@HotTopicsTV: @Gappiie here's something you may not know. He said he prob won't be making a record anytime soon while he's doing movies


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