Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Extra Tweets About NM Set

A few lucky extras have been giving reports on various blogs and sites. Here is a very good minute by minute report on Twitter by user BellaFira who was lucky enough to get a job as an extra.

* Rob was shirtless for several takes. That boy has been working out. Made our knees weak. Everyone was doing their best to stay calm

*Tall, lanky, ripped and vampire white. Yummy! Rob got embarresed when the extras started cheering once one take was done. It was endearing

*In fact we cheered after every take of the shirtless scene. We cheered even louder after the take of kristen jumping his bones!!!

*Day started at 3:45am. It took until 10 to dress 1200 extras. The crew was really organized, but it was a ton of people

*They put me in a bad spot at first, but I ended up in the perfect place for kristen to bash into me on the way to the fountain.

*For be such a wee thing that girl can kick butt. She really shoved me out of the way. I am thinking of naming the bruise she left

*The guy behind rob in the shirtless pick was there to prevent him from falling backwords as kristen runs into him. Did I mention how strong

*Kristen is The 1st take rob really stumbled(not very vampire-like) so they had to call in the reinforcements. he remained solid the nxt take

*no cameras allowed and I did not want to risk it. There are a few local apts on the square and we did see the locals in their windows taking pics

*it is just like the book but they r in a doorway not an alley. Ed steps out into the light(shirtless). He only sees bells after

*after she throws herself at him & pushes him back into the doorway. They embrace and all the extras went nutty

*Kris was so bad ass that she did her own stunt work. They were going to use her body double to run through the fountain. Kris nailed it

*So many of the extras were women that they had us wear our hoods while men there did not. My cape was wool. On a hot day- not so great

* didn’t see anything that they are together. Kris kept on her own even when rob was on set. I saw them exchange a few words but that was it

*When the broke for lunch, rob was walking only 2ft away from me-sigh…..

*Yesterday I heard that the extras swarmed robs car when he arrived on set. The director got really upset so today people were not so crazed

*It did not stop us from being a bit giddly. Imagine 1200 extras cheering after the kiss shot. Rob left the set around 5 & I finished at 8pm.

*the cast keeps to themselves but the volturri guys seem to be doing autographs. We think that they have a scene tomorrow

*Rob is pretty much surrounded by body guys. (crew security) not a chance to get near him. Not surprised after Cannes. Poor guy.


PRIIA Cosmetics said...

Oh dear God in heaven...I'm drooling on my lap top!

Your blog is the BEST- always new and up-to-date info.

Thanks for continuing to feed my addiction! ;-)

Anna Mitchell said...

Yes, I go to your blog SEVERAL times per day for updates. YOU ARE THE BEST. I too am drooling--he is HEAVEN on earth.

Anonymous said...

Oh My... Rob shirtless?
There's no words enough to describe those pics o.O


bbonin said...

Your site is the best to get updates on Rob!! Thanksssss! :D
He's beautiful shirtless!

Brie said...

OMG!!! Have I died and gone to heaven?? TOOOOO HOTTTT 4 DAAA HOTTTT TUBBBBB!!! Thx so much for posting! U da best RPL bellas!

amergency* said...

BellaFira is my HERO!!