Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Moon - Robert Pattinson helped by Chris Weitz

New Moon director Chris Weitz really cares about Robert Pattinson.

Chris needs to make sure his biggest star is happy and comfortable at all times whilst filming in Italy.

Rob might be a long way from home but he is still enjoying being with Kristen Stewart and Ashley Greene in the sunshine.

Rob has been busy filming scenes that show off his six pack this morning.

A fan witnessed Chris doing something to help Rob relax.

She twittered: "The director did somthing very smart and sly.

"He had two big trucks move in and block the view of the doorway then sent all the extras to lunch.

"Then he filmed all of Rob's closeups and dialogue during the reunion/embrace while all the extras were gone so he wouldn't have to do the scene with everyone watching.

"That's a lot of pressure for an actor. I caught a glimpse, but was made to move."

She also revealed a set secret: "Extras confirmed the makeup artist was airbrushing Rob's six pack. They could see it from where they were standing."


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