Friday, September 4, 2015

Rob's New Interview with Neon Magazine

Thanks to Verena for sending us the HQ scans :)

Q: Robert, when did you last time party the whole night?

R: That is long ago, New Year, I think. Sounds lame. I was with my GF and 50 others at her home, a little room, a broken beatbox, that was fun.

Q: Sounds a bit boring.

R: definitely! I’m drinking Green Smoothie Shakes instead of alcohol and really go to the gym one hour daily. This is embarrassing, but necessary. Genetically I’m more a fatso.

Q: you have smoked E-cigs, the ultimative symbol of health improved vice.

R: yeah, you smoke, but technically not. For me it is a transition to not smoking. Two times I tried to stop smoking, by chewing on toothpicks with Tee Tree oil. But they are worse than cigarettes, they grind your teeth away. the most important thing: 6 month ago I looked like 40, now like 32, maybe I look like 29 after one year without cigarettes.

Q: How else have you changed your life?

R: If we had met for the interview 3 years ago, I maybe had just fallen out of bed drunk and be late - actually I was still drunk on every interview day. Now I go to the gym in the morning and think: wow, you have changed. I just can’t be as crazy as before. Probably I have grown up in the last 1 ½ years.

Q: Your actual movie LIFE gives insight to the old, wild Hollywood. In one scene Dennis Stock and James dean get blind drunk. Is it today even possible that you said to me spontaneously: come, let’s party?

R: In the end it is my decision, why not? As I was at the Berlinale in 2014, I spontaneously got drunk in a bar with my parents, what we never do usually. Later I persuaded them to go with me to the Kit-Kat-Club - without knowing that there are a lot of naked people.

Q: and?

R: we stood in the line, but then didn’t go in.

Q: Before Hollywood actors stand for the ultimative model for an extravagant life, glamourous clothes, wild pool parties and affairs.

R: this times are over. The actor Colin Farrell was the last one who was celebrated for being wild. this is only 7 years ago - and yet unthinkable now. Actors with their wellness IG accounts are more an example for how you have to live an healthy life. The financials have driven the rebellious out of Hollywood. The wild life is dead.