Saturday, September 19, 2015

Rob's Interview With Gala Germany - Scans + Translation

Thanks to Verena for sending the HQ scans to us :)
Interview without a hangover. Robert Pattinson used to suffer from hangovers during former press days, today he tells us how he grew up.

Robert Pattinson became world famous playing the vampire in the Twilight Saga. The 29 year old British actor has long grew out of the role that made him famous and has become a convincing talented character actor like in his new movie LIFE by Anton Corbijn. In this biopic Pattinson plays a photographer who meets James Dean in 1955 and documents his life until his tragic death. That the once talkative Patinson is out of the woods, is really showing during the interview. His fiance FKA Twigs he routinely leaves unmentioned and today he has sort of an apology for his former flippant use of alcohol...

When I interviewed you for the first time Twilight wasn't even in the cinemas....
It was a crazy time. I was so inexperienced and not the least bit jaded. I remember that first day of interviews and how much fun it was for me because I hadn't done something like that before and I just spoke without notes...

Did fame change you?
I am trying to protect myself more, but I also got used to my situation. I used to be much more nervous in public and I would have never done things that I do now.

For example?
I went to the Venice Beach boardwalk for a walk. I haven't done something like that in years. And you know what? It was totally okay, only one person recognized me.

You seem much more relaxed.
Maybe it's because I'm getting older and it's much easier for me to give interviews, because I'm not hungover. It took me ten years to understand that. This might be the first interview I'm not hungover for.

You grew up with two older sisters. How did that influence you?
As a younger brother I was always excluded from my sisters worlds, but my mother is a very strong woman. Growing up with self-conscious women certainly influenced me. If I had grown up with brothers, I would have had more interest in team sports.

Not a football fan then?
It annoys me sometimes how uninterested I am in team sports. I would love to be able to play football. One time I walked by a football field and someone shot the ball over the fence. The ball was rolling towards me and I was thinking: "Please, don't ask me to shoot the ball back." It was a nightmare. It reminded me of school when I tried to kick the ball and missed it. I deliberately walked slower to get away from that embarrassment. I even thought about changing directions.

This sounds like you are very shy.
It started when I was ten. I was always last when teams were picked then I thought: "I'll go and play with the girls instead." (laughs) I never enjoyed being part of a team.

You live between LA and London. Where do you feel at home?
I have been living out of a suitcase for so long, but I learned that it takes some effort to have a home. It sounds so simple, but having some furniture in the apartment makes me feel pretty good between my own four walls.

In your new role you are playing a father. Do you want to have a family and kids?
In the movie my character is a really bad father and not really a role model, but I definitely want to have kids. I thought about getting a dog first, although I think it's easier having a kid.

I can take a baby with me everywhere I go and people accept it. It's not possible with a dog.

One day a child may find you embarrassing...
Yes, kids will learn to talk sometime, a dog can't (laughs) although having a dog is a good way to learn responsibility. I think I would prefer having a baby over having a dog. I often have the vision of my kid being amazing in all the things I can't do.

You have to specify that.
For example my son being an amazing dancer.

Are you really that bad of a dancer?
Not when I'm dancing by myself. I feel great then. It's like when you sing under the shower.

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Anonymous said...

Another great interview! Thanks for posting!

RobKrisKitchentable said...

Got that image in my head now, Rob in a shower singing.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree RKK. Hard to dismiss that now!

Unknown said...

Singing & dancing in the shower! Sounds like he's in a much better mood these days! I kinda like this guy. ;-)

Unknown said...

He wants his son to be able to do everything he can't, like in sports, etc. That was sad how he felt being the last one picked to play in school. Wonder what those kids that picked their team think now. This was a good interview for him.

Margie said...

He sounds like he's thought a lot about having a child, and a boy, to carry on his name, lol. We all remember "Roberta!" don't we?

"I definitely want to have kids. I often have the vision of my kid being amazing in all the things I can't do. For example, my son being an amazing dancer."

So sweet -- this was another good interview, we've seen several good ones this month. Rob seems to be in such a good, stable place, happy in London and so happy with his films.