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Rob's Interview with My TF1 News



Hello, Robert.


You're here at the Cannes festival with 2 movies - The Rover and Maps to the Stars, and in The Rover you play this simple minded boy. What attracted you in this character?

The script was so different from everything I've done before. I don't know, there was something quite magical about role. I couldn't explain why but something in me resonated really early on.

Did you have to fight to get this role, because it's so different from Twilight and this image we have of you.

Yeah, I auditionned twice for that and I hate auditions so, so badly. It's something I'm really bad at but it was different this time, I really wanted that part. But it's so weird, I tried to play this part and the audition was at David Michôd's house, in L.A.. I was sitting in his living room and I didn't know if what I was doing was good for him or not. But, yeah, I fought really hard to get this part.

Do you feel like you still have to fight  still today, to show everyone you're not this guy from Twilight, that you can play something else?

Yeah, but I think every actor has to go through that so they don't have to play the same part every time. I kinda like that but sometimes it's so disproportionate, with people like wanting you to fail but I like it, it gives me the energy to go forward, like a rage.

Is it easier to get access to the parts or do you have to fight for them?

Yeah, I mean every single part, every different part you have to audition for. I mean what's different between these two movies and Twilight is that you could finance them with just my name. I mean it does really help but you still have to audition for everything.

What was the most challenging thing in this part? We know nothing about your character, the first time we see him, he's hurt and doesn't know where to go so he'll stick to this other guy. What was the most challenging?

I think, probably, the first scene, the one where they meet for the first time. I think it was the first one I shot too. This character is sort of crazy and to have to play him in such a tense scene where he might die, it was pretty difficult. Cause he's pretty foolish and you don't know how much you can push him. It was pretty tough but it was a really fun part cause I could just let myself go in it.


You're also in Cosmo - no, in Maps to the Stars with David Cronenberg after having played in Cosmopolis. How would you describe your working relationship with him?

I don't know, he's really fun. I like hanging out with him. But yes I said yes to Maps to the Stars before I even saw the script, I wanna be in all his movies. He tells really interesting stuff, the atmosphere on his sets is always so relaxed, everything seems simple and fun. His movies are really cool.

You play a struggling actor who tries to break through while driving limousines. Isn't that a little ironic to give you this part?

Yeah maybe. I mean, what's funny is that in Maps to the Stars, I'm the only one who's normal. Everyone else is totally crazy. I like playing a shitty actor. It's kinda fun.

Do you see Hollywood like in the movie? As this universe with no mercy, mean and fun at the same time, seeing as you're familiar with the place?

I guess in a way, Maps to the Stars gives a really harsh portrayal of Hollywood and lots of people think it has a dark side but most of the time it's fun and it's a great place to work in, I think.

How does it feel to be here at Cannes with these 2 movies?

It's amazing, the atmosphere is electric during the screenings. The audience isn't afraid to tell you if they like it or not. You can feel right in the first 10 minutes. Its' scary watching stuff but it's exciting though.

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