Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Director Olivier Assayas Mentions Working With Rob On His Next Film

In a recent interview with Olivier Assayas, the director mentioned working with Rob in his next film.

"I see that in the United States, especially since the success of 'l'Heure d'été' and 'Carlos', I gained a relative notoriety, which sharpens the curiosity of some actors. In my next film, for example, will include Robert Pattinson."

ETA: Assayas mentioned Rob again in a different interview. This time with Studio Cine Live.

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"These young guys deserved to be known. By the way, I'll likely shoot my next movie with Robert Pattinson."

In October 2012, Rob attended the IFC Film's Dinner honoring Assayas and sat at his table (Tweets were posted here).

First interview: Translation thanks to Pattinson Art Work | Source of the scans of the interview here | Second interview: Scans and Translation


Unknown said...

casting news are always good news

Delle1 said...

So fantastic,I'm almost stunned at this news!!!

Unknown said...

Great. Assayas is a talented director. The irony of some parts of this fandom insulting and dismissing him because he cast Kristen is not lost on me right now. Words come back to haunt so I wish they would grow up.