Saturday, May 17, 2014

New Pictures Of Rob At Vanity Fair And Armani Party - May 17th

HQ Pictures

ETA2: A new picture of Rob and Gael - From WWD | thanks @VioletRoseIV

ETA: 3 new pictures. Find the Rob in the first two pictures. It should be easy :)

ETA: From Vanity Fair's site - Rob talking to Alfonso Cuaron (you can see from the slide before at the source that it's him)

Twitter/Instagram Pictures

Rob's 'The Rover' co-star, Guy Pearce, and 'Maps To The Stars' co-star, Julianne Moore were also there

Twitter/Instagram pictures: source


alida_v said...

looking good!

Unknown said...

Oh Liam not Chris

Unknown said...

He looks tired... :(... But still smiling... ^.^... Hopefully he had a great night...


stratocaster said...

I'll be expecting a pic or two from Cannes in my VF next month!
and good grief I didn't realize Liam was so tall! I thought Rob was tall, but ... wow!
He looks happy ... satisfied. That's wonderful.