Monday, May 19, 2014

Rob's Interview with France 2 - Video + Translation

The interview is dubbed. 1st question (they didn't show the questions) he seems to be talking the fan support and 2nd question about Cannes. Here's the translation.

It's the only reason I can live like this. It's really amazing. I don't quite understand how it happened.
I was really, really into films when I was younger. I would love every movie shown at Cannes. They're masterpieces, they aren't made just for entertainement.

Youtube or watch at the source at 37:45



FACU said...

There is a rumour about Robert talking about Kristen is it true? He say something about that?

Unknown said...

He said he wishes her the best and that he considers her a good actress. And smth about twilight

Eliz said...

Apparently he said they have a deep connection from the first movie Twilight.

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud. This is a man with a big heart! I love this part, too :'D

Anonymous said...
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