Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Fans Wish Rob a Happy 28th Birthday

A month ago we decided to invite all fans to celebrate Rob's birthday with us (HERE). Here is what they have to say to him today :)

From @hobohope


From @socalrobfan


From @Ruhh_Kirstyn_RK

From @searbhasach


From @natalinawheny


From Juhi Anguria

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From @neregurutxeta Nere-DreamingOfRob

From @twilightsexygal


From Lisa Jo


From @SusanaRSantos

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From YolaLuvTwilight


From Cin_freespirit @mntharleygrl

I have enjoyed your performances over the years immensely! You are an amazing, talented, charismatic actor! You seem to be such a thoughtful, caring, loving, & compassionate person! It's awesome you're involved with stand up to cancer! I've donated to the cause in honor of my dad, for your birthday.
I wish you all the peace, love, and happiness life has to offer! I am a true admirer! ✌

From Khadija


From @wecatchrobsten


From @cutehobos


From @clau_pol


From Karen (from Brazil)


From @bieberrobtour


From @justrobsten


19 - From @Alexispetit2

20 - From @iLoveKJaymes


From Duda @delightrobsten, Luiza @twihardsever, Lena @stewheyy, Gabi @stewheartt


From @nikkiedee1295


Dear Rob,

The 10 years of admiration I've had for you does not waver in the slightest. You are, by far, one of the better actors and people I have been privileged to see on screen. You do not know how much you have helped me; your movies and interviews have always been there for me during particularly lonely days. I cannot thank you enough for being you. I do hope the day comes that I do get to meet you and get to have a conversation with you. Have a splendid birthday!

Much love from the Philippines,

From @PriscillaDK - Indonesian Robsessed

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And we gladly supported @RobPBirthdayPro on their beautiful project to donate to Stand Up 2 Cancer in honor of Rob's birthday.

They're up to over $15,000 in donations but you still have time to help!

If you can, click here to donate.

We want to thank all fans that sent their pictures, videos, fan art or donated. It's already an special day and you all made it even better. If you didn't have time to email us and want to leave a message, don't be shy and use the comments section :)

And check our other birthday post to Rob here.


zsuzsip said...

WOW,loved all this what a talented mob,lol!
Many Happy Returns Rob,may all your dreams come through,you're a lovely,charismatic person& a talented actor,don't change just be yourself!

Unknown said...

Happy 28th Birthday, Rob! Thank you for all the wonderful movies that we, being a fortunate fan, enjoy. You are a brilliant actor, love your charm, and the love that you and Kristen share. Happiness and love to you!

Arius Stewart said...

Happy Birthday my big idol . Thanks God to bring such a wonderful ,talented and perfect actor to the world . Especially , i still love " RobSten" couple so much . Wish you happy and success !!!

verena said...

Happy 28th Birthday Love!!!!

Unknown said...

Many many many happy returns of the day robiiiii......love u loadsssssssss........... may u get alllll the happiness possible....��❤❤����������.....enjoy to the fullest dear......love ×infinite.....

NereGurutxeta said...

Happy Birthday Rob!!!!!!!!

vana said...

WOW, so many talented people, so much fantastic work.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB. I wish you joy, good health, happiness, success and all good things to come your way. May all your heart's desire come to you. Thank you for being you, please don't change.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Rob!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, Robert Pattinson!I Love you!

Stella said...

Happy Birthday to the one and only Robert Pattinson.
I hope he understands how much his fans love and support him in every decision he takes in his life and how much we all hope he's well and happy both in his career and in his personal life.
I am a grateful and proud fan!!!

Unknown said...

Happy birthday robbbbbbbbbb<3 LOVE YOU!!!!!!

panagiota perivolari said...

happy birthday Rob, I wish you every happiness in your life!!!May your days be marry and bright!!!We love you!!!

Unknown said...

very nice idea and fantastic pictures, videos...today is a special day. happy birthday Rob, you're the best

sirja每mes said...

SO good and beautiful to see all the love that is showing onsuch a special day, it makes me tearing up :')
once again Happy Birthday to one of the very few treasure of the Creation :D

J么 said...

Rob, I really don’t “know” you. But for all the things I know about you – your blinding beauty, your cheerful mood, your open honesty, your striking intelligence/cleverness/smartness, your sweet shyness – I can say, for sure, that you’re a great guy. I've never heard anyone say anything bad about your character/personality. You’re not a fake. You are real. You don’t need to compromise yourself for anything.
I just want to wish you a wonderful birthday. I’m so proud to be your fan. You’ve been accomplishing so much and you really deserve to be successful and happy.
Rob, be happy and safe.
Love you, no matter what

mariana schuabb said...

Happy Birthday Robert ♥ I did this video for him, hope you all like it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MvQTSUEVx9s

Jane said...

Happy Birthday to an amazing man and actor. The pleasure you have given us on the big screen and looking forward to more of that. I wish you health and happiness and one day hope to see you marry and have children.

Unknown said...

Happy birthday , my love馃槝馃槝