Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Newest Media Pictures of Rob in Cannes

Lots of "media pictures" came out today and we are adding them here and to the post that they belong too.

We are not adding the latest HQ pictures and fan pictures here, but we keep updating different posts with them. You can check on our twitter which posts are being updated.

May 18th

Vogue Paris - Backstage at Cannes (these pictures also have been added to the The Rover Cocktail Party post)

Love the caption in each picture: Robert Pattinson, Dior Homme brand ambassador.

From the Sandra & Co Party (this picture has also been added to this post)

May 19th

From the 'Maps To The Stars' Official Cannes Interview (this picture has also been added here

'Maps To The Stars' Press Conference and Press Junket Pictures (these pictures have been added to this post)

May 20

Talking to the press (this picture has also been posted here)

Le Grand Journal (this picture has also been added here)

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Thanks to Laura for some of these links and to Alice for the LGJ picture.

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