Friday, March 26, 2010

Rob on the cover of Special Remember Me Premiere Magazine - Netherlands

From Thinking of Rob:

Here’s a pic of the cover of the special magazine which was handed out during the Pre-Premiere in the Netherlands of Remember Me

“I don’t see myself as hot’
‘Women are begging me to bite them’
‘Hotter then Potter’
“Read all about Hollywoods hottest guy”


Ellen said...

"Hotter Than Potter"! LOL

I love Daniel Radcliffe, but have to agree Rob is hotter.

reshma said...

"hotter than potter"- indeed

behnaz said...

best man

SoaneHonor said...

I am Dutch, but didn't hear about anything of a pre Remember Me party. Does anybody know if you can get it in magazine stores as well?
Like Duh he's hotter than Potter!

DreamySim said...

It's just a little booklet and no, not in the stores. on Thinking of Rob I placed a link to download the mag in pdf. I've got an extra copy: I can send it to you if you like? just mail me on dreamysim1 gmail com