Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Eclipse Paperback Covers

The second one look like fan art, but its from Barnes and Noble.
Click for bigger

Pre-order: Here | Here

Via LovingRob


behnaz said...


Layna said...

I'm really partial to the originals but those are sooooo much better than the crappy Bella & Jacob New Moon one.

Layna said...

Oh I just realized after I commented that it's Edward in her eye that is awesome!

PAZ said...

You're welcome! thank you very much let them have theirs to you for the comment, I love your page and have something in common, that is Robert, sorry if this poorly written comment, it's because I'm not very good English. you speak Spanish?

Ursula said...

Thanks for the link, I just pre-ordered both, Im such a sucker for collecting things :)
Though for NM I didnt get the one with just Bella and Jake on it, since I'm Team Edward ;) lol

Thamires said...


reshma said...

the second one is superb!

Unknown said...

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