Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rob, Kristen and Taylor talk about Eclipse

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Lynne Birkbeck said...

When asked about the true nature of her relationship with Rob said, Kristen said that revelling it, wouldn't make any difference, it wouldn't make her life any easier". Look if they said,
1) The truth is we do have a relationship. We are very good friends who support each other and the rumours that we are boyfriend/girlfriend are simply not true. OR
2) Yes we are in a relationship. We are boyfriend and girlfriend and have been all along but we preferred to keep it private.

Believe me that would put an end to it.
She's just coming up with new ways not to answer the question.
I couldn't care one way or another but the continual speculation and their refusal to confirm one way or another is annoying and makes it seem like they are laughing behind our backs. Loosing interest in them altogether.

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