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InTheNews and Popsugar UK Transcripts from the Remember Me UK press Conference

They're from the Remember Me UK Press Conference

From PopSugarUK

I was lucky enough to attend the London premiere of Remember Me and meet Robert Pattinson and Emilie De Ravin earlier this month. Rob and Emilie chatted about their film, their roles in Twilight and Lost, and lots more. In Part One of this series of interviews Robert reveals how he felt during the fight scenes, how he views father figures, his role in Bel Ami and his relationship with his friends and family. Stay tuned for the next installments!

On playing brooding types, and whether he'd consider a lighter role: "I did the kind of lighter stuff before Twilight came out, and it just so happened that Twilight’s become so much about the archetype of the brooding person. I mean I never thought that Tyler was that brooding to be honest [laughs], and then I just get it at every single thing, people saying, "brood, brood, brood" — I hadn’t even heard the word before Twilight! I guess I like to play broken and troubled characters because it seems more interesting, especially because I’m not that broken and troubled myself."

On his new roles: "I’m doing something now [Bel Ami] that’s still quite dark, but the guy, his character isn’t so fractured, he’s just someone who’s incredibly focused and has a lot of confidence in himself, and nothing can shake his confidence. And then after that, I think there’s a kind of lighter thing as well. I don’t know, it’s not really that they’re angsty it’s just that joy seems to be more a universal emotion in script, it’s quite difficult — if you’re happy, you’re happy."

On how the character of Tyler developed: "The script changed so much over seven months and just had loads and loads of re-writes. I tried to tailor things to what I was interested in, like the relationship with the dad changed quite a lot because I thought one of the things when you’re a young guy one of your biggest fears is this irrational fear of walking in your dad’s footsteps and living the same life as him. I thought, even if your dad’s a good guy, you just want to assert your independence on everything and it causes these irrational sort of rages."

On his own fighting history: "I haven’t been in a fight in quite a long time, I think I’m too scared now. I think if I got in to a fight now, somebody would just kill me just for the sake of it [laughs]. I liked a lot of Tyler’s character, the rebelliousness and audaciousness of it, it’s like a fantasy of myself, like yeah, I’m the kind of guy who just randomly gets in fights. Yeah, I do it all the time. But, not really [laughs]."

On filming the fight scenes:
Producer Nick Osbourne: "I felt scared for you because the day you were doing the Chris Cooper fight, Chris was doing press-ups against the wall [laughs]."
Robert: "Yeah, he’s like unbelievably strong, he’s terrifying. And the fight I was having at the beginning I was doing it with this big stunt guy and I kept hitting this thing against the wall, next to his head. Then I was hitting him with what I thought was my full strength, I hit him in the head about four times and every time I hit him, I was like, 'I'm sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry'. And he’s like, 'It’s fine, it didn’t even hurt'. Yeah, that was kind of an ego deflater!"

On his friendship group: "It’s nice that I’ve grown up with the same friends since I was 12, I have a very close knit set of them... I grew up with a lot of people who a lot of other people regarded as heroes, and no one ever came to me for advice, no one ever came to me for protection, and so I don’t ever really think I’ve been looked at as a hero."

On who he considers his hero: "Outside of my family, I don’t really know. They’re great people and my parents are great parents, and they brought me up very well, I think. I don’t know, I think that’s about all the heroes I’ve had."

From InTheNews

A rather exhausted looking Robert Pattinson talks to about his new film Remember Me at its premier in London's Leicester Square.

Following what appeared to be an exhausting few hours on the red carpet, 'RPattz' and his most recent leading lady Emilie du Ravin made their way into the Odeon for the premier of their new film, and to talk to yet more journalists.

Glowing in a black lace cocktail dress with terrifyingly high heels, the tiny Emilie du Ravin looked at ease next to her co-star. Poor Pattinson however, who has become synonymous with the Twilight brand and now attracts hundreds of screaming young girls wherever he goes, looked drained after his hours spent talking to fans, signing autographs and 'biting them'. "I've been up since 6am" the heart-throb said wearily.
Nicholas Osborne, Remember Me's producer, said the Twilight star was on board from the start: "I'm very proud to say that Rob read the script in the parking lot of an In n Out Burger! And it was two months before Twilight came out and Rob signed on and stuck with the project and from there everything snowballed.

"Rob [who is also executive producer on the film] always wanted this project to be handled a certain way and so we consulted with him on the script and various things along the way."

Emilie (looking surprised) says to Robert: "I didn't even know you were [executive producer] when we were filming!"

So what makes someone like Robert Pattinson choose a little known film such as this? He says: "I read tonnes and tonnes of scripts over the summer after I'd done Twilight, I mean hundreds, and all of them seemed exactly the same, but this one, initially just because the way the dialogue was written, seemed more naturalistic than most things.

"And also Tyler as a character - it seems that most movies that have a young male protagonist as the lead, they either have to be a virgin to begin with and have to learn everything during the movie or they always have to go through the trials of the movie and end up a completely different person afterwards. But Tyler seemed like he came with a lot of baggage, and a developed character, and just ended up being developed in a slightly different way.

"You just never see that in films any more, especially not with young people, and that's what initially drew me."

Both Emilie and Robert have difficulties, with their fathers in the film, played by Chris Cooper and Pierce Brosnan, but how was it playing alongside such famed actors? Emilie says: "I was over the moon when I found out Chris was playing my dad, I've been a fan of his for years and think he's just incredible. He's a very intense person but very giving."

While Robert added: "When they first talked about the father role I never ever would have thought that it would have been someone like Pierce playing Charles.

"But I think he has this innate likeability about him, as soon as you meet him. And Charles on the page was someone who was very domineering and quite a strong character, and Pierce, just by being Pierce, changed the whole dynamic of it. It was great, as it made it a much more interesting relationship I think."

Robert's younger sister in the film, played by Ruby Jerins, has a very sweet relaitionship with his character Tyler. Robert easily sung the little actress's praises: "I always wanted a younger sibling and Ruby is one of the best actresses I have ever worked with.

"She is surprisingly articulate about her character, and when I first met her she seemed like a very, very normal kid, and then the more she talked about her character and her character's development, she could just improvise for hours and she was so comfortable working in front of the camera, and she was really amazing. It was really easy to do anything with her."

But how was it for him stepping out of the 'Twilight': "I never like anything [films], so it's very easy to decide what to do! Even movies I'm not in! I've never felt any pressure to do anything. Even when we were filming it I never thought about the box office or anything.

"It's not a Twilight movie, its an original screenplay. And it doesn't fit into any genre. They don't make movies like it anymore, and that's the only criteria I really have if there seems to be a gap in the market for something then I just try and do that."

While Emilie added: "It [the film] didn't read like script, it read like a letter, it was so honest and organic in that way.

"[Lost] has been a big part of my life and it's been a great ride. It's kind of bittersweet that it's ending.

"I'm glad it's ending on a high note, but obviously you miss certain things about projects."

The film, set in New York, deals with some tough issues, but Nicholas Osborne says they were all pleased with how it came out: "We had a lot of New Yorker's on set, and we had a lot of New Yorkers who had been affected by the events in the movie, and we had a number of cops in the movie who were affected by the events as well, and they all read the script and fell in love with it and felt it was an important story to tell.

"We always felt good about that, that they gave it their stamp of approval."

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