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Teen idol Robert Pattinson (Twilight) is really capable of acting. His new movie Remem­ber Me is prove of this. Joris Henquet talked to him in London.

A lot ‘Coming-of-age’ movies this week: Teenidol Robert Pat­tin­son about his new movie Remem­ber me and ado­les­cent John Lennon (played by Aaron John­son) in biopic Nowhere Boy. And: Fran­cis Ford Coppola’s Apoc­a­lypse Now is everywhere!

“I notice that many peo­ple regard this movie as a test.” Robert Pat­tin­son said dur­ing an inter­view in Lon­don. “A test: can he really act or not? But with that I think, what do you think I was doing in the Twi­light movies?! ”

This state­ment requires some expla­na­tion, because apart from any­one under 18 (sorry youth of the Nether­lands, no cen­ter­fold in this VARA-guide) not every­one is famil­iar with actor Robert Pat­tin­son (23). Through his sup­port­ing role in Harry Potter (as Cedric Dig­gory) and par­tic­u­larly his lead­ing role as the sul­try vam­pire Edward Cullen in the Twi­light movies Pat­tin­son was cat­a­pulted to world num­ber one teen idol in recent years. Very young girls are even beg­ging him: “Bite me, Robert!”

After New Moon last fall (part two of the Twi­light saga) which broke sev­eral vis­i­tor records, Pat­tin­son is now in cin­e­mas with a seri­ous role in the adult drama Remem­ber me. A movie in which he again shows his roman­tic side, but in which he is also much less cud­dly, derailed even and gets into fights sev­eral times.

In Remem­ber Me Pat­tin­son plays the part of Tyler, a stu­dent in New York who falls for a girl (Emi­lie de Ravin) with a trau­matic fam­ily his­tory. Tyler him­self has a bad rela­tion­ship with his father (Pierce Bros­nan), a tough busi­ness­man whom he feels does not give the atten­tion they require to him and his sis­ter. What fol­lows are some violent con­fronta­tions and a very sur­pris­ing end­ing. Remem­ber Me is a movie that can’t be catago­rized into one. It has romance, it is young, it is an ode to New York, but also includes crime, trauma and raw violence.

An impres­sive film, but also a film which to some of the Pattinson-fanclub mem­ber wont be what they expect to see. But Pat­tin­son him­self is very happy with this role: “When play­ing this part there was much more room for impro­vi­sa­tion. In Twi­light the spe­cial effects deter­mine every­thing in advance and that hin­ders you as an actor in what you can do. In the role of Tyler, I could play much more. It is also the first time I act in a film with no fan­tasy ele­ments. I play some­one who makes mis­takes, with socially unde­sir­able behav­ior. Lit­er­ally a nor­mal guy. ”

It must be said: Pat­tin­son con­vinces as the com­plex and trou­bled Tyler and proves to be an actor from whom we can expect a lot. What also strikes dur­ing the inter­view is the fact that he doesnt let his sud­den star­dom go to his head. When asked how he deals with his fame, he wisely replied “Oh, I just try to con­tinue work­ing” and he tells an anec­dote about how he –if he gets lucky– can still go wan­der the streets undis­turbed: “Peo­ple often do not pay atten­tion at all. I man­aged to even buy presents on Christ­mas Eve in Oxford Street (the busiest shop­ping street in Lon­don, ed.) and I wasn’t being har­rassed, nobody rec­og­nized me! Even though there were all these posters of me hang­ing in the store. ”

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