Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Emilie de Ravin in UK's Cosmopolitan - What It's Like To Kiss RPattz


Lost’s Emily De Ravin, 28, locks lips with RP in her new film, but says work comes second. Job swap, anyone?

*Tell us about the finest men you’ve worked with – included Johnny Depp and Robert Patinson…

- Johnny Depp is one of my favorite actors. When we met on Public Enemies he was genuinely nice. The Lost guys are too, and Robert Pattinson couldn’t be more of a great guy. He’s insanely talented, but I don’t even think he knows that.

*Were you intrigued to be working with him after all the Twilight publicity?

-I didn’t really know who he was! I’ve never been a tabloid reader or a person who follows what somebody is going to the grocery store for.

*You can’t have escaped the Twilight phenomenon though?

-The fan base is wonderful. But shooting with Rob in New York was crazy. There were girls climbing all over him, which did make things difficult. He’d been through it all before but it was very new to me. Because the majority of fans were teenage girls. I felt like, ‘Oh, God, they all hate me.’ You walk out and they’re like, ‘Who’s this girl with the guy we’re here to see?’ but then they saw me smiling, and they we’re like ‘Oh she’s actually nice!’

*You got to kiss Rob too…

-That was a very spontaneous thing actually, which tabloid-wise came out as us making out on the beach, but really we were filming.

*And now you have to say he’s a good kisser, right?

-(Laughs) It’s in contract, yes.

*You split from your husband of three years last year. Are you happily single or looking for love again?

-I don’t talk about that stuff anymore- I’ve learnt my lesson! But I think in any situation, the important thing is having people around you that love and care about and respect you. People you can be open and honest about everything with.

*What’s best about your life?

-Happiness for me is spending time with my friends and family. I love my career but my family comes first and I’m lucky that I’m close to them. I try to get back to Australia at least twice a year. It’s great when I see them.

*You’ve been in Hawaii filming the final season of Lost – Hollywood must be pretty manic in comparison?

Yeah, but I’m such a homebody –I don’t like go to shopping where I know the paparazzi will be and I don’t eat in those kind of restaurants so you won’t see me dancing on tables or falling over outside clubs. I love staying at home with my girlfriends, watching a funny film like ‘Heathers.’


*Ever been chatted up by another celeb?


*Who is the most famous person in you phone?

-I guess Rob’s is the obvious choice.

*Any red-carpet disasters?

-No, thanks God. But my tip would be please, whatever you’re wearing, wear underwear!

*What scares you?

-Mostly meeting people on your first day of work.

*What’s the most expensive thing you’ve bought in the past 12 month?

-I’m buying my mum a laptop so we can Skype to each other.

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