Monday, March 29, 2010

New Pictures of Rob from the Bel Ami set (filming with Kristin Scott Thomas)

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rdrumm5 said...

Angry Rob lol. I remember reading this scene.

Red said...

Period clothing suits him so well.

Ursula said...

AAAHHHHH I can't wait for this movie to come out!!

He looks so handsome in period clothing! **swoon**

Unknown said...

@koolerdrumm if you have a copy of the Bel Ami Script would you be kind enough to send it to my person email address I would really appreciate it. I'm only presuming that you have the script because you said in your comment that you remember reading that scene. He is so handsome as Georges. It's like he fits perfect into that era of time.

reshma said...

we need to find more words to describe him i am sure running out them..........

Anonymous said...

I know this scene exactly. lol

behnaz said...

i know this scene
i read the book :D

Unknown said...

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Jane said...

Tell us that do not know the scene what it was about. Was he breaking up with her for it seems she is holding on to him not wanting him to leave. this movie is going to be great watching him acting a different character. His long, lean body just fits these clothes perfecly. I bet Uma, Kristen, & Christina have all went gaga over him. I know I would