Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Robert Pattinson: I'm picky about roles

The 23-year-old actor has become a global superstar after playing brooding vampire Edward Cullen in Twilight, but his latest film is indie flick Remember Me, which he revealed stood out from the hundreds of roles he has been offered.

Robert Pattinson is picky about which film roles he takes

Robert said: "I never like anything, so it's quite easy to decide what to do - I've never felt any pressure to do anything, particularly. Even when we were shooting it [Remember Me] I never thought about the box office."

He added: "I had read tonnes and tonnes of scripts over the summer after I did Twilight, I mean hundreds, and everything seemed exactly the same.

"But this one, the way the dialogue was written, it just seemed much more naturalistic than most things.

"It's not really a feel-good movie. They don't make movies like it anymore, I think that's how I kind of choose stuff, that's the only criteria I have. There seems to be a gap in the market for something and I just try and do that."
Robert hopes his Twilight fans like the new film but revealed he would never appear in a film simply to please an audience.

He said: "Obviously you hope people like things but I think if you start doing stuff to please a certain audience then you're going in the wrong direction. I mean, you don't even know the people you're trying to please, especially if you're trying to please whole swathes of people.

"I hope they like it."

:: Remember Me is released on Friday April 2.

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H2B said...

Yes Rob, we LOVED it. A good choice I must say.

Jane said...

I hope they don't add the mustache for it would cover his beautiful lips and I love his lips uncovered. Went to see RM again at matinee and there were people in there with me. One woman, as we were going out, said that was her first time to see it and it was very powerful. Made me feel good to hear her say that.

Ursula said...

I'm glad he picked Remember Me for his next project, I loved that movie every single time I went to see it :)
I think he did an awesome job, I meant the whole cast IMO was flawless :)